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Both chassis styles (silver and black), the PSU and the parts kit. Please note only 1 chassis is included in the complete kit, you must choose which style you prefer.
This is what you will receive if you order the complete kit and choose the silver faceplate option with a power switch cutout
This is what you will receive if you order the complete kit and choose the black faceplate option with a power switch cutout

Amp Camp Amp (Complete Kit)

Part of the Amp Camp Amp project
Choose OptionCurrently Selected: Complete Kit
Both chassis styles (silver and black), the PSU and the parts kit. Please note only 1 chassis is included in the complete kit, you must choose which style you prefer.
Complete Kit
$ 359.00 USD
Parts & PCB Only
$ 135.00 USD
PCBs Only
$ 10.00 USD
$ 359.00
Faceplate ColorSilver
Power CordUS/CA/MX/JP (Type B)

This is a bundle that provides everything you need to complete one Amp Camp Amp, good for two stereo channels or one bridged monoblock:

Amp Camp Amp Project

  • Power Amplifier
  • Designed by Nelson Pass
  • Beginner Difficulty
  • Comprehensive Build Guide
  • Complete Kit Available
  • THUSS + FARRELL (Photography)
  • Jim Tiemann (Build Guide)

Visit the Amp Camp Amp project page for more information about this project.

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Amp Camp Amp (Complete Kit)

$ 359.00 USD

Note - Photos include parts available at the time of publishing. Individual components are subject to change based on availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 294 reviews
Daniel H.
Simple, Transparent, Delightful

The build experience was tons of fun. All components that came with the kit were well within spec. After listening to Mr. Pass talk about his stash of parts, I feel like a got few gems. Populating the PCBs and wiring the amps up was a great couple of afternoons (I built a pair). Build instructions are perfectly clear.
As far as what they sound like:
They are crystal clear and massively transparent. They will simply recreate the source material they are provided.
I run them as a set of unbalanced monoblocks in a relatively nearfield environment and enjoy them almost every day.

Neil J.
Good project. Good documentation. Great amp.

I’ve built several tube amps, but haven’t had success with any solid state builds until I took this kit on.

And what an amp! I listen to it every day with bookshelf speakers. It sounds beautiful. Like my favorite tube amps, this amp demonstrates how much can be done with a simple minimal design.

J T.
Epic sound

As bridged monoblocks they have the best sound ive heard to date in my system. instrument detail , stereo image in vinyl has exeeded all my expectations and the overall sound is beautifull, gives you a smile. Totaly recomend it and will buy again to build for friends

Steve M.
Fun little amp!!

First and foremost, this is a nice little project! That being said there were a couple of small issues I ran into. First, two of the resistors were the incorrect size. I dug out some correct ones from my stash, not a big deal. Secondly, the instructions were sometimes difficult to follow. For example making the back panel power bus, I soldered it to all three terminals before reading "do not solder to speaker terminals yet". Maybe I was in a hurry, but I had to unsolder and redo that bus like 6 times. Read all the way through each section before soldering anything. I also had to redo the enclosure to heatsink mounting a few times to make sure everything fit without touching. It's entirely possible that my excitement got the best of me, and I got ahead of myself (normal occurrence). After all is said and done, this is a fun little amp. It definitely does not have the power reserves that my Yamaha M-80 has, but it can drive my Cornscala's (6 ohms) to reasonable levels, and sounds pretty good doing it! I will soon be trying the mono mode, when a friend brings his ACA over for a listening session. I have high hopes for that as well. I would definitely build another one, given the chance.

Andrew C.
Fun, Fast, Quality Sound

Recommended. It went by quick. I'm burning the amp in to the Grateful Dead as I write. Very surprised and pleased the sound quality, loudness, and bass. Build hints: 1) Read 1.6 (board build) and separate 1.8 (wiring only) instructions end-to-end first including helpful comments. 2) Brush up on soldering technique 3) Would be nice to get a chart listing wire count and length but plenty wire supplied. It worked first time. Easy peasy.

ACA 1.8 as single stereo and as xlr dual mono with Advent Large Speakers

Just finished my two mono blocks and was totally amazed that a single ACA would easily drive a pair of large advents (~86db sensitivity) in our small music room. Absolute jaw dropper and dynamic wide sound stage. I only drive one pair of Advents, while the Sansui drives the other pair and paradigm speakers.

Genuinely, thank you all for your experiential knowledge and support...

Easy to build with a clear head and no distractions... Yes!