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Universal PSU

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The all new Universal PSU V3.0. Bigger and badder than ever, complete with a well illustrated build guide.

  • Fully compatible and optimized for the new Deluxe 4U and Deluxe 5U chassis to allow easy installation on the base, chassis front panel, or on riser panels
  • Can accomodate 35mm, 30mm and 25mm caps
  • Double sided 70um copper tracks
  • Added PI resistors for a total of 7 per side of the PSU
  • Each side is completely independent of the other providing separate grounding take off points
  • Grounding scheme at user's discretion (i.e. can be utilized for star grounding)
  • Ground vias available for joining on-board/local ground
  • On-board heatsinking for the diodes
  • Larger tracks whenever possible
  • Most inputs and outputs have larger vias to accommodate large wires
  • Input and output vias arranged to also accommodate Snap-On terminals
  • Output has larger vias for direct wire soldering to the board
  • Output has vias arranged to either accept Euroblock connectors or Snap-On terminals
  • Diode Section and Capacitor Section can be joined either by large diameter jumper wires or Fast-On connectors or direct soldering
  • Capacitor section can be stacked one on top of the other. Connections for quick parallel stacking are provided via Snap-On connectors or direct soldering.
  • Diode section can be snapped off from the Capacitor section (0.2mm V-Cut both sides)
  • Capacitor section can be snapped off lengthwise regardless if the Diode section is still attached or snapped off for more build flexibility (0.2mm V-Cut both sides)
  • Snapping is possible thanks to 0.2mm v-cuts on each side of the 1.6mm board.  It takes a lot of force to snap the board - enough so you won't ever snap it accidentally but not so much that you will have a hard time snapping it.
  • 80x80 mounting scheme on the Capacitor section for front panel chassis mounting
  • Extensively supports DA's mounting systems and bases
  • Options for Input snubbers (RC or RC + C) and options for output RC snubbers or bypass
If you have any questions please discuss them in the V3 Universal Power Supply Circuit Board thread.

Additional Information

Dimensions 171mm x 156mm
Mounting holes Holes are on a 10mm x 10mm grid
Number of boards included 1
Layers 2
Board Revision 3.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Bak Sebestyén B.S. Bak S.

So this is what I got for my honey badger amp building. The parts for this are easily surceable, and it comes on a nice and customisable PCB.

I used a 1000VA toroidal for my amp and found out that I had to snap off the diode section, but luckily, the great guys at Diyaudio have taken care of this

Graeme D. G.D. Graeme D.
Universal PSU

Great quality PCB. Just right for my new amp project. Simple but customisable design,and it fits neatly in the standard rack case alongside a big toroid and between the heatsinks on either side.

Brian P. B.P. Brian P.
Order process at DIY Audio store

I have recently had 2 orders processed through the store with 0 issues, quick shipment and good packaging.

Ivan M. I.M. Ivan M.
Universal PSU

Universal PSU

David B. D.B. David B.
Universal PSU

I've ordered stuffs from the diyaudiostore several times now, and each time the transaction went without a hitch. Hassle-free purchase, proper packaging, swift handling and all the necessary info for customs was provided (shipping was to Europe).

The Universal PSU is a nicely made pcd set. I used a diode boards from the current purchase to swap out the diode boards from an older build (new Schottky diodes), and I'm pleased to say that the pcb will take a lot of abuse. Desoldering can be rough on pcbs (lifting off traces, ripping out eyelets, discolored boards), but the Universal PSU pcb held up nicely.

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