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Slimline is a full width chassis with "Quasi" aluminum heatsinks.  

Slimline chassis have either steel or alumimum covers (top and bottom).  All Slimline chassis have aluminum rear panels.  The 1U model has the option to include an IEC power socket hole in the rear at no extra charge.

Please note that we can only customize aluminum covers.  If you'd like customized top or bottom panels, please ensure that you choose the aluminum cover version of Slimline chassis.

The 4mm front panel is 483mm wide and contains all the right holes for it to be rack mounted in a standard 19" rack tower.  The 10mm front panel is 450mm wide and provides an attractive finish for use in the home. Both the 4mm and 10mm front panels have pilot holes for mounting milled aluminum handles or plasticized steel handles pre-drilled in the back of them. To fix handles to the front all your need to do is "drill through" the pilot holes.



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