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PASSdiy Chassis Now Available For Pre-Order

Modushop / Hifi2000 have partnered with Nelson Pass to incorporate the PASSdiy logo into a chassis with the idea of creating a platform for the Aleph J and similar amplifiers. It is being offered for a limited time. In honor of Nelson’s generosity and his love of animals, Modushop will be donating 10 Euro from the sale of from each chassis to support animal rescue through Bologna’s local dog shelter.

The chassis itself is a 4U/400 Dissipante with custom front and back panels. It includes UMS compatible heatsinks and a perforated base plate. You won’t have to drill or tap any holes to mount your Aleph Jzm boards, and the baseplate makes layout much simpler.

The 10mm aluminum front panel is musically inspired and includes a CNCed PASSdiy logo along with two pilot holes for power-indicating LEDs. The back plate is pre-cut and drilled to be compatible with the diyAudio Store's Back Panel Parts Kit and has two sets of holes for input jacks. It’s convenient for amplifiers using both XLR and RCA inputs, like the Aleph J. Note – the back panel kit does not include the XLR jacks.

The chassis will work well with all First Watt style amplifiers and has plenty of heatsink for those that like to run their amps a little cooler or crank the bias a little higher. It fits the sweet spot right between the current 4U and 5U Deluxe chassis. 

This chassis is only available for a limited time, and you can pre-order the PASSdiy chassis directly from Modushop in Italy now. Pre-orders close 31st May 2024.