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Preamplifier project by Wayne Colburn

BA2018 Linestage

"Wayne's 2018 Linestage" is another exceptional circuit from Wayne Colburn. Presented to the DIY community at the Burning Amplifier Festival for DIYers, we're thrilled to provide PCBs and parts kits.

BA2018 Linestage

BA2018 Linestage

From $ 19.00 USD
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Key Information

  • Preamplifier Project
  • Designed by Wayne Colburn
  • Advanced Difficulty
  • Only Essentials Kit Available
  • Basic Build Guide


  • Latest DIY linestage / preamplifier design from Wayne Colburn

Links, Discussions & Files


This is the line stage Wayne Colburn presented at Burning Amp 2018.

Read more about it in the Wayne's BA 2018 Linestage discussion thread on diyAudio. 

Watch Wayne's talk about the linestage at Burning Amp 2018.