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Report a problem with your order

If there is a problem with your order please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Problem with a FedEx shipment
  2. Your problem isn't listed? Email us!

1. Problem with a FedEx shipment

There are special requirements for us to be able to replace missing or damaged items. Because of this we send an email when your shipment gets on its way, with the following requests. We kindly ask you to...

  1. When you receive the package, report any obvious freight damage to the delivery driver
  2. Open your package within 10 days of receiving it
  3. Check the contents for concealed damage or missing/wrong items
  4. Do not throw away any packaging

If something is missing

Our store is run by humans, and sometimes mistakes happen. If something is missing from your order (either completely, or the wrong part was sent), just email the helpdesk and we'll sort it out. All we ask is that you report missing items within 10 days of receiving your package.

If something is damaged

Shipping damage is extremely rare, but fear not - your shipment is fully insured if you follow the rules. Insurance companies hate to pay out, but if you follow these simple requirements we (the diyAudio Store) guarantee there won't be an issue.

FedEx prefers to work directly with the customer on damage claims. That's because they need pictures from the customer of the damaged merchandise and packaging, and they need to schedule an investigation based on the customer's availability.

It's very important to report damaged shipments quickly and accurately. Time is of the essence. Always contact FedEex first - ask them to provide you a confirmation or claim number, then contact us so that your issue is officially logged in our system.

FedEx's requirements to pay out a claim:

  1. All claims must be filed within 21 days of the shipment date
    1. Wording varies on the FedEx website, but for safety's sake, please assume this is the date it shipped not arrived
  2. All original packaging, including cartons and contents must be kept until the claim process is finished
  3. You will need to provide supporting documents to prove your claim
    1. Your FedEx tracking email
    2. Your store receipt
    3. Clear, well lit photos of the damage to the goods, as well as the damage to the packaging

How to file your claim:

  1. Review the general FedEx claim information page
  2. Initiate your claim
    1. US and CA - as this is an international shipment, please call FedEx International Customer Service on +1.800.463.3339
    2. AU, NZGB, DE, NL, NO, SE, FR, IT, JP, KR, SG, CH
    3. Other countries may have specific numbers or claim processes - please check your local FedEx website
  3. FedEx may send someone around to your location to inspect the goods and the packaging
  4. Most claims are resolved within 5-7 business days
  5. We are here to help, if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to email the diyAudio Store helpdesk