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Amp Camp Amp Chassis

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The Amp Camp Amp V1.8 chassis is custom made for your Amp Camp Amp. If you have a previous version of the ACA parts kit see our ACA upgrading information page.

V1.8 chassis has two new features:

  1. New V1.8 rear panel silkscreen diagram clearly showing how to select all 4 modes (1 stereo, 3 mono) and how to wire inputs and outputs
  2. Improved more secure cover mounting system using weld nuts and hex head screws

Available in silver or back front panels, with with or without a front panel power switch cutout. The ACA parts kit does include a rear DPDT toggle switch which could be used as a rear power switch if you didn't want to use it for any other function (bridge mode switching, LED dimming, etc), or of course just DIY. The rear panel and covers are intentionally made of easy to work aluminum so that it's easy to mod, however you want to mod it!

    This design is based on the 2U Mini Dissipante, which has an internal space of 230mm wide and 200mm deep (heatsinks). You can find more information and specifications on the 2U Mini Dissipante product information page. 


      • Heatsinks: 2 x 2U UMS heatsinks with the new 2U UMS 8 hole pattern drilled and tapped with M3 threads
      • Covers: 3mm black anodized aluminum
      • Front panel: 10mm silver aluminum, with
        • 2 recessed LED cutouts, 3mm in front, 6mm blind recess in rear 
        • "Pass ACA Class A Amplifier" silkscreen
        • Front power switch hole:
          • 20mm dia hole in front, 22mm blind recess in rear
          • Compatible with 19mm "vandal proof" switches with 22mm bezel should you want to "pimp your chassis"
      • Rear panel: 3mm black anodized aluminum, with the following cutouts:
        • 2 RCAs
        • 2 pairs of speaker binding posts
        • 1 11mm dia DC input
        • 1 6.4mm dia power toggle / option switch
        • 1 Neutrik D-Series XLR pattern
      • Shipping not included, but is very economical

     Change history:

    • V1.5 March 2018
      • First revision of chassis
    • V1.6 
      • Added front power switch
      • Rear DC jack hole enlarged from 8mm to 11mm
      • Rear toggle switch hole enlarged from 6mm to 6.4mm 
    • V1.8 June 2020
      • Rear panel silkscreened with mono/stereo connection information to match the 3 way selector switch in the V1.8 parts kit

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews
    ACA - Wonder Amp?

    This is the first DIY amp I’ve built with not needing tubes costing more than the base build!

    A small confession – I just couldn't help but build it with some upgraded Mundorf and Sprague Atom caps and for good measure, Duelund cable.

    Paired with an Elekit preamp and some Omega stand mounts the sound really does brings a smile to my face. As a bonus, it heats the room quite nicely.

    No wild claims about it being better than my bigger (and far more expensive) EL34/KT88 and 300B amps but it more than holds my attention and has kept the office EL34/KT88 Elekit power amp gathering dust the last few weeks.

    No way that I could ever own a piece of Nelson’s best in NZ and so I’m very happy to have spent and afternoon with soldering iron in hand.

    Out of interest, I've ordered a linear power supply and a matching case. I t will intersting to see wht a change it brings. Guess I may need to put a blue LED into the pre........

    Paul H.
    So much fun!

    I had a blast and learned SO much building these ACA amps. I had never built an amp before and had very limited soldering experience as well, so this was a perfect first project to tackle. The instructions/photos are top notch and super helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone, just take your time and you'll knock it out in no time. The best part however... these amps sound amazing!! The warmth of these class A amps is sooooo nice! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

    Bob S.
    V1.8 Great Sound and Fun to Build!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the build process, which as a novice, took me about 1 day for each amp. Chassis is well made, and the amps sound terrific! Been using daily, and I’m hooked on DIY! Great kits!!

    Suk L.
    GREAT amp!

    Super easy to build, and just delicious juicy sound.

    Love it!

    Mark P.
    Liked the build so much, I got a second

    I have some experience with soldering and building things but never an electronics product. The ampcamp amp sounded so good, I put in my main system and got a second for the dual mono lock operation. The online instructions were good but would have preferred one link with the 1.8 version from start to finish rather than switching from 1.6 to 1.8 versions. The materials are excellent quality and the final product is good looking!

    Tim A.
    Class a gem!

    Built and using to drive my 16ohm altec Valencia's horns. Perfection!!

    Easy build and great diy community!

    James L.
    Amp Camp Amp

    Really enjoyed the build. Got a little confused measuring the low ohm resisters but that had more to do with the quality of my volt meter.
    Currently using a Schitt DAC to generate sound thru it and it sounds pretty nice.
    In hind sight I would have mounted one of the channel amp boards the other way (top vs bottom) so the calibration would have been a little easier. Found some aligator clips which made it much easier to measure. Got them both dialed in pretty close.
    Ultimately stripped one of the screws in the bottom of the case so at some point that will need to be drilled out but for now I'll just enjoy the unit. I can hardly wait for my next adventure building a pre amp to go with it. My wiring is not very pretty but the amp worked the first time I turned it on and that was a very satisfying feeling.

    Dirty E.
    Excellent product could use more development on the “teaching opportunity” aspect.

    This was my first project of this nature and I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out and the sound quality of the amps (I built two to use a monoblocks). The instructions were easy to follow and I never really got stymied, but I can’t help but think there’s an opportunity to “teach” that got partially missed here. Take me for example: I have a basic understanding of electronic devices. I know what a resistor does, a capacitor, diode, transistor... but I would have LOVED to know how they related to the circuit as I was building it. A link with annotations explaining what was happening with the components I was placing at each appropriate stage of the build would have really knocked it out of the park for me. Part of the magic is having something that works and sounds great when you’re done, another part is the pride in knowing you built it. But the part I’m missing is the understanding of the completed project, that would really have added to my experience.

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