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Amp Camp Amp Chassis (PRE-ORDER: SHIPS DEC 15TH)

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The new Amp Camp Amp V1.6 chassis is custom made for your Amp Camp Amp. 

Available in silver or back front panels, with with or without a front panel power switch cutout. The ACA parts kit does include a rear DPDT toggle switch which could be used as a rear power switch if you didn't want to use it for any other function (bridge mode switching, LED dimming, etc), or of course just DIY. The rear panel and covers are intentionally made of easy to work aluminum so that it's easy to mod, however you want to mod it!

    This design is based on the 2U Mini Dissipante, which has an internal space of 230mm wide and 200mm deep (heatsinks). You can find more information and specifications on the 2U Mini Dissipante product information page. 


      • Heatsinks: 2 x 2U UMS heatsinks with the new 2U UMS 8 hole pattern drilled and tapped with M3 threads
      • Covers: 3mm black anodized aluminum
      • Front panel: 10mm silver aluminum, with
        • 2 recessed LED cutouts, 3mm in front, 6mm blind recess in rear 
        • "Pass ACA Class A Amplifier" silkscreen
        • Front power switch hole:
          • 20mm dia hole in front, 22mm blind recess in rear
          • Compatible with 19mm "vandal proof" switches with 22mm bezel should you want to "pimp your chassis"
      • Rear panel: 3mm black anodized aluminum, with the following cutouts:
        • 2 RCAs
        • 2 pairs of speaker binding posts
        • 1 11mm dia DC input
        • 1 6.4mm dia power toggle / option switch
        • 1 Neutrik D-Series XLR pattern
      • Shipping not included, but is very economical

     Change history:

    • V1.5 / March 2018
      • First revision of chassis
    • V1.6
      • Added front power switch
      • Rear DC jack hole enlarged from 8mm to 11mm
      • Rear toggle switch hole enlarged from 6mm to 6.4mm 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    A very nice chassis. Solid and pretty to boot.

    Stunningly simplistic build high-quality materials

    Each chassis takes roughly 5 minutes to assemble you could not ask for anything more simple did not even have to look at instructions. Finished my custom built full range hi efficiency speakers just for ACA. Can’t wait to build my first preamp. I’ve built the universal power supply available at DIYaudio that was easy. For now my preamps I have used that work excellent is my DarkVoice 336 SE, IFI Black Label and Pete Millett’s NuHybrid Kong Nutube all work excellent enhancing the Amp Camp Amp.

    Fantastic kit!

    I put it together in a few hours time and had no difficulty. I followed the online guide and it worked the first time I fired it up. It sounds great too. Now I need a preamp kit in the same form factor (hint).

    First Watt ACA Chasis

    Excellent product which fully delivers on the description provided at time of order. Quality is of the first order for this price point.


    These work very well and look great. Could not be more pleased with the project. Modifications I made were to eliminate the dc connector and switch as I control all things audio with a power strip anyway. There is nothing wrong with them, just chose not to use them. As well opted to use 1/4 inch copper strap for the "ground" connection as it made for easier connections. Likely there is no measurable sonic difference. But seemed like a better choice considering the work that connection across the positive speaker terminals and DC ground is performing. Since this review is about the chassis only. Will leave out the part about the amazing amount of audio that this thing delivers.. : ) No regrets buying these kits.

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