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Noir Preamplifier & HPA PCB Set

Part of the Noir Preamplifier & HPA project
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An assembled PCB
PCB & Chassis Bundle
$ 69.00 USD
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$ 29.00 USD
$ 29.00

The three part Noir circuit board set. 

Noir Preamplifier & HPA Project

  • Pre and Headphone Amplifier
  • Designed by Mark Johnson
  • Beginner to Intermediate Difficulty
  • Comprehensive Build Guide
  • Only PCBs Available
  • THUSS + FARRELL (Photography)

Visit the Noir Preamplifier & HPA project page for more information about this project.

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Noir Preamplifier & HPA PCB Set

$ 29.00 USD

Note - Photos include parts available at the time of publishing. Individual components are subject to change based on availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Trond B.
Fun to build and sounds great!

Very easy to build and it sounds great! I used an enclosure I had intended for a another project and put a power supply inside. Some components were a little difficult to find, but I managed to track down everything eventually.

Laurent M.
Easy build & Setup


Not having much experience into DIY (only repaired a tube amp by swapping old components), this was very easy to build and setup. Purchased the kit without chassis from the store, chassis from Moduloshop/Hifi2000 in Italy.
I had to slightly grind the hole of the ALPS pot for easy fitting and I have to find a solution to better fix the front LED.
It sounds very good compared to a Little Dot 2++ tube amp, more clarity and "speed". I can hear more in the music than before, so very good for me as a learning experience + interesting results for the sound. It is very subjective mind you.
Have a nice day


Totally fun build. Great guide—in true DIY spirit. I listen to Noir daily during desk duty. Also have 2 Whammy's by comparison. Noir is its own gem. Pick some phones—pick some flavors—I'm an HPA fanatic and love them all. I interviewed several pairs of headphones—Beyer 1990 pro are a great match for Noir—to me—and my ears. Massdrop Focal Elex are awesome too! Oh and switching jack????? Makes a solid preamp too!

PCB quality is top notch. Mark is a bada$$. Get the with chassis version—it's unique.

Very nice in every way

I purchased the boards and case combo. The store experience was top notch as always and the distribution center is fairly close so it arrived very quickly. The one click Mouser BOM was awesome. The build guide, again awesome! Not my style of building but still easy to follow with good detail. Nice fun build that made for some enjoyable evenings too. Highly recommend just for the fun of building it!
It sounds great to me. Very very quiet, smooth Mid’s and nice highs for what my old ears can hear. I’ll be happy with this for a while. I use a Bottle Head Crack /w Speedball in my main system currently I’ll see how it compares after some good listens.

Ronald j.
Very high quality pcbs

Assembling the pcbs resulted in a superb sounding headphone amp.

I like it!!!

Very good sound and awesome look. I´m using ACP+ with my orthos and Noir with Sennheiser hd600.

This sounds very good with my MoFo too. It sounds very good and it´s versatile headphone/linestage.