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Wayne's Burning Amp 2018 Linestage

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This is the line stage Wayne Colburn presented at Burning Amp 2018.

Read more about it in the Wayne's BA 2018 Linestage discussion thread on diyAudio. 

Watch Wayne's talk about the linestage at Burning Amp 2018, also linked on the Linear Systems website.

PCB Specifications:

  • One blue PCB good for two channels
  • 2oz copper with gold traces
  • PCB dimensions 85x127mm
  • Mounting holes 70x100mm

Parts Kit Specifications:

  • One percent metal film resistors
  • Terminal connectors
  • Various capacitors
  • Everything as shown in the photos
  • Please note: Because of the transistor choices involved when stuffing, there will be parts left over when complete, this is normal
  • Intended to be used with this annotated schematic



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Stellar Linestage

Even for an oldish geezer such as myself, Wayne Colburn's BA2018 linestage was a breeze to assemble. It performs like a champ: a broad and deep soundstage, excellent detail and a delight to listen to. Many thanks to Wayne and the diyAudio store for making this available!

Excellent preamp!

This is a preamp for us DIYers offered from the mastermind of the PassLabs preamps - Wayne Colburn.
It sounds very detailed combined with a clarity and without harshness. Bass is solid and controlled. I used
TOSHIBA TTA/TTC004B for the outputstage. Drives all my Poweramps (F-5T, BA-3, BA-1, M2X, 50W-SE-Schade)with ease.
Absolutely no noise audible in my combinations. Can also drive headphones (with big BJTs in the outputstage).
PCB is of excellent quality and was delivered very fast. Thanks to the DIYAUDIOSTORE-team!
Build it - enjoy it!

best preamp sofar

been looking for a linestage that fits my M25 (Babelfish) better than BA3FE or other chippy preamps i tried.
this is it! clear sound - not mumpfy, not sharp.
till now i've just made the standard model running on 20VDC. no bigger semis in Q8/10 position.
still looking for a nice housing.
Thank you Wayne!


Love this preamp—I was lucky enough to get a pre release to build (my images are NOT of the final PCB). Clean, clear and detailed—with Aleph J—nice combo I think. Headphones out with a switching jack—YES—and it's great! Check the thread on the DIYAudio forum for build ideas. There's some good info. BUILD THIS PREAMP!

Wayne's Linestage 2028

Wayne' Linestage , very nice board, sounds great

swift and perfect

as always.
diyaudiostore is totally among the best!

Preamps don't get any better than this

I liked the first one so much when I put it in my main system that I built a second one for my desktop system. This circuit deserves a high quality linear regulated power supply, especially if using the large outputs to drive headphones. I used the power supply as an excuse to learn KiCad and did a 2-layer PCB layout for the power supply section of Wayne's Whammy HPA. It does a great job. Another good power supply is Mark Johnson's VRDN, which has its own forum. Or search the BA2018 forum for other ideas.

Wayne's BA2018

I wanted another Balanced input/output preamp, as my BZLS is from a 1990's design. So I bought two boards which are now populated, SMD JFET's a breeze to solder. I like the fact that Wayne specified JFET's and components easy to find and purchase for this project.

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