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Korg Nutube B1 - Pre-Order Status Page

News & updates


We have been advised by our 3PL (3rd party logistics) facility that they sent a very large number of silver chassis to customers who ordered black chassis.

This has resulted in a shortage of silver chassis, meaning that customers who ordered silver chassis cannot have their order fulfilled until we get returns back or produce more silver chassis

Our 3PL has admitted total liability for their mistake and has "all hands on deck" to assist with getting affected customers their correct and desired chassis faceplate.

Our customer's total satisfaction is our only concern. We will ensure that every single customer that is affected by this gets exactly what they want, and is totally satisfied with how the situation is handled.

Customers who ordered black but got silver have been emailed and given the option to keep silver or return it and have black reshipped.

Customers who ordered silver but are now waiting for stock in order to have their order fulfilled will be emailed today asking them if would prefer a black chassis immediately or to wait until a silver chassis becomes available.

While a 3PL messing up an order on such an enormous scale is unprecedented in our history of working with them, we believe that when it comes to logistics "mistakes happen, it's how they are dealt with that matters". We're very happy that they have admitted total liability for their error and are stepping up to make things right for affected customers.

We will work individually with every affected customer to ensure they are totally satisfied.


  • All chassis have now been received into stock 
  • All remaining orders have now shipped or will ship over the next 1-2 days
  • The B1K build guide is now live


  • About 150/500 units have been received into stock by the warehouse, and have now shipped out. We are waiting on the warehouse to receive the remaining units into stock. We have impressed very strongly upon them the furious passion of the DIY community for their kits, the remainder of which have now been sitting, still packed on pallets, at the warehouse for close to two weeks. You can blame Coronavirus if you like. We do apologize. 


  • Our warehouse/3PL has advised their stock receiving department is running a week behind schedule which has delayed unpacking the pallets of chassis, but they should be received into stock in the next day or two, at which point orders will ship out


  • Address changes are now closed
  • Chassis have now passed through customs and are in Boston MA, waiting for delivery to our warehouse in MA tomorrow
  • The warehouse usually takes a few days to receive stock and prepare it for shipping. Everything should start shipping in a few days. You will get an email with your tracking information once your order ships.


  • Chassis are now complete, loaded onto pallets in Italy, and awaiting FedEx priority air freight to the US
  • A dedicated customs broker has been hired to reduce the risk of any importation delays
  • If there are no unexpected delays, we expect all orders will ship within the next two weeks
  • Please advise us of any shipping address changes ASAP
  • An update email has been sent to everyone who pre-ordered, confirming delivery address and asking for any last minute address changes in the next 72 hours


  • All B1K completion kits have been produced
    • They are now in stock at our US warehouse ready to ship out
    • Any orders not tied to chassis have already shipped
  • The B1K chassis are in the final stages of finishing
    • They are expected to be en-route from Italy to the US late next week
    • If there are no unexpected customs delays they will be at the US warehouse and ready to ship out before the end of this month
  • Based on the above, and assuming no unexpected customs delays for the chassis when entering the US, we expect at this stage to have things shipping out by the end this month


  • Around 70% of completion kits have now been produced, these are slowly dripping into the warehouse. If you ordered only a completion kit and not a chassis, you might receive a shipping notification about your kit soon.
  • Hifi2000 is now back from Summer holidays and progressing with finishing / printing work for the chassis
  • All chassis (and orders tied to chassis) look to ship sometime during late September


  • Small batches of the completion kits are now slowly dripping out to people who ordered them
  • They are shipping out first come, first served to those who don't have waits on other items still in production (like chassis)
  • Completion kits will be shipping, slowly, throughout August and September
  • Chassis are looking like they will ship mid-to-late September
  • All pre-orders are looking like they will ship by late September
  • Once all pre-orders have shipped, if there are any remaining units they will be offered for sale
  • Thanks to everyone for their participation and patience :)


  • 95% of the parts for the parts kit are now in hand, however the last 5% did not pass quality checks and have had to be re-ordered
  • 100% of chassis metalworking is now complete, however we encountered some unexpected considerations to do with printing and have paused production in order to produce some more samples and get the best possible result for you
  • Everything remains on track to ship by late (probably the end) of Q3


  • All B1K PCB+JFET kits required for the pre-order have now been received and set aside
  • Chassis are now 80% complete
  • 90% of the parts required for the parts kits are now in hand, however there are a few parts which (as expected) have had problematic lead times

Again we will note that we are not advertising a particular shipping date for the completion kits and chassis. Pre-orders will ship once production is complete. However we are happy to say that everything looks good for us to have shipped all pre-orders out by late Q3. 

The completion kits (and associated orders) will be shipped out in batches over the next few months. They will ship in a first-come, first-served manner. If you placed your pre-order earlier than others did, you will be more likely to receive one of the earlier batches. 

If you need to advise us of an updated address, let us know as soon as possible. We cannot tell you when your order might ship but we can put a hold on your order to ensure it doesn't ship until you decide you want it. Your place in the queue will not change. Just let us know and we'll be happy to place on hold on your shipment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the helpdesk.

2020-06-01: All the Korg Nutubes required for the pre-order have now been received and set aside. 

2020-05-07: Nutubes and B1K PCB+JFET kits are still available for pre-ordering. We should have stock and be shipping those again by the end of June 2020.

Pre-orders for completions kits and chassis have closed.

As mentioned previously we are not advertising a particular shipping date for the completion kits and chassis. Pre-orders will ship once production is complete.

Parts ordering has commenced. While it would be nice for every kit to have exactly the same parts so the build guide matches perfectly the parts in the kit, our suppliers (Mouser/Digikey/Etc) only have limited stocks of some things. To avoid making you wait for something that doesn't matter anyway, equivalent parts will be chosen where appropriate.

Production will be done in smaller batches, with pre-orders fulfilled automatically on a first come, first served basis. This means there could be quite some time between the date the first and last order is shipped due to parts and labor availability. That said, we do expect all orders will ship by the end of Q3. We'll get them out as quick as we can. If you need to change your shipping address let us know immediately as your order could ship at any time.

Once things have settled down and we are very sure how many extra chassis and completion kits there will be, we'll make the extras available for pre-order. That might not happen for a few months.

2020-04-28: The pre-order has now "officially" closed but we're keeping it open for a few extra days for stragglers. If you placed an order, your kit has been reserved for you. Thanks everyone for their support and confidence. We are now looking at how many we need to make to meet the pre-order reservations as well as how many extra (if any) we will make. 

Further updates will be posted here as news becomes available.

About this page

  • This is the status page for information about the Korg Nutube B1 Full Kit, also known as the "B1K"
  • This page will be updated as time goes on with the latest information about the pre-order
  • If you have any questions about your pre-order (in particular "when are you shipping?"), please check this page first

General Information about diyAudio Pre-Orders

  • We offer pre-orders to allow you to secure a product that might otherwise sell out before you get a chance to buy it
  • You pay the full price including shipping now (thank you!), and when everything is ready, we'll ship it to you
  • You can purchase a pre-order product just like any other in the store, and you can add other items to your order at the same time if you'd like to combine shipping
  • We don't ship partial orders. If you buy a few different things, they will all ship together, and only once all items are available to ship in the same box. We use a stock reservation system so as soon as stock arrives for your order, it is very literally put aside and reserved for you, waiting for all the other items needed to fulfil your order to arrive. Once everything has arrived your order will ship immediately.
  • All items for the Korg Nutube B1 pre-order will ship from the US, including the chassis.

B1 Korg Pre-Order Dates

  • Pre-orders open April 20th 2020
  • Pre-orders close April 27th 2020, or earlier if we reach our production limit
  • Shipping will occur once production is complete (our current estimate is late Q3 2020)

When will it ship?

Unlike previous pre-orders, we are not advertising a specific ship date. It will ship once production is complete.

Your kit will be produced as quickly as possible. There may be unexpected delays caused by COVID19. We will however say that based on discussions with suppliers we think it will ship sometime during Q3 of 2020, probably late Q3. It is unlikely to push into Q4, but if it does it will be due to circumstances beyond our control.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes, cancel any time you like with a refund in full, less a $5 fee to cover administration costs.

Can I join the pre-order after it closes?

Maybe. Once the pre-order closes, we will assess whether we have the capacity to make any extras. If so, we'll make those available for pre-order after it closes but only while stocks lasts. We can't guarantee we will make extras, nor how many, nor how long they will last. If you really want this kit please pre-order it before the close date to avoid disappointment.

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, you can change your shipping address at any time. Your first address change request is free. A $5 fee will be charged for subsequent requests.

As soon as all of the items in your order have arrived at the warehouse, a pick order will be sent to the floor staff to pick and pack your order. Your goods will ship the same day. Once that pick order has been sent to the floor we cannot change the address. Due to the automated nature of our systems, there will be no warning before it ships, so please get any address changes in early.

Risks and challenges

We think this pre-order is low risk:

  1. The store has completed more than half a dozen pre-orders over the last few years without significant problems and shipping on time in 95% of cases
  2. We've already produced and thoroughly tested this design through "pioneer" batches of parts kits and chassis

The only issue at hand is the potential for impact to parts sourcing due to coronavirus, however we have spoken to all our suppliers and don't think it will push into Q4. However that is possible if there are circumstances beyond our control. For this reason exclusively, we feel it is not a good idea to advertise a ship date. It will ship once production is completed.

You can cancel at any time no questions asked, though you will lose your pre-order slot. In the extremely unlikely event we are unable to produce your kit, you will be refunded in full.


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  • Order related questions

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