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Power Amplifier project by Nelson Pass

Amp Camp Amp Mini

"My goal was to make a nice little class A amplifier that brings some interesting circuit design elements but at a much lower cost, while still appealing to more sophisticated audiophiles." - Nelson Pass

Amp Camp Amp Mini

Amp Camp Amp Mini

From $ 25.00 USD
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Key Information

  • Power Amplifier Project
  • Designed by Nelson Pass
  • Beginner Difficulty
  • Complete Kit Available
  • Comprehensive Build Guide


  • Class A design
  • Based on the incredibly popular Amp Camp Amp
  • No chassis required


The ACA Mini has become one of the top recommendations as an answer to the question "What amplifier should I build first?".  The entire project can be completed in an afternoon or two.  It's perfect for dorm rooms, small spaces, dens, listening rooms, and everything in-between.

The Complete Build Guide and the full kit with all the parts you need, make this project accessible to almost everyone with a soldering iron and some basic tools.

And... it sounds pretty fabulous too.

Pair it with an ACP+ for an absolutely amazing headphone amp, pre-amp, amplifier combination / mini-system.

Learn more and discuss the ACA Mini in the DIY ACA Mini thread at diyAudio.