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ACA Mini Essentials Kit

ACA Mini Essentials Kit

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This is the ACA Mini "Essentials" Kit, which provides the bare essentials you would need to get started with the project. 

Learn more and discuss the ACA Mini in the DIY ACA Mini thread at diyAudio.

This ACA Mini "Essentials" kit includes:

  • 1 x ACA Mini PCB
  • 2 x LSK170
  • 2 x LSJ74 
  • 2 x IRF9520 
  • 2 x IRF520

To complete the project, you will also need to purchase the ACA Mini Completion kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
sebastien g.
Excellent by all means

amazing quality A++
from a 30 year + experienced audiophile / DIY builder

Do not hesitate!

If you're reading this, you are curious about this little amplifier. Build one (or many)! You will be amazed. Make sure all transistors are soldered where they should be, take your time to set the bias--and enjoy! The sound is amazing with plenty of bass. Cheers!

Bozhidar D.

Best sounding for the buck. Thanks for the design Papa Nelson.

Steve L.
A very sweet little amp for my desktop

Having built a pair of ACA the ACA mini looked just the job for a compact amp to sit on my desk and drive a pair of Deware Tiny Radials I built from $20 plans. I'm feeding the ACA mini from a Dragonfly Cobalt USB DAC with a QED 3.5mm to RCA cable. The Tiny radials are 80db sensitive 57mm full range drivers that get down to 80hz courtesy of integrated passive radiators. The combination is fast and punchy, holographic, slightly sweet and more than loud enough. It's a very addictive listen as everything sounds so good sucking you in and making it hard for me to complete this review!

Steve G.
A fantastic deal on the best parts for an ACA Mini

Huge thanks go to Nelson Pass for making this possible. This kit contains the hard to find parts needed to build the mighty little Mini ACA amp. It has matched Toshiba JFETs and also the coveted Harris MOSFETs for the output stage. The included PCB is an added bonus! This is, by far, the best value in the DIYAudio store right now. Get the kit; build the amp. You will be so glad you did. BTW, I built mine a bit different than standard with my own PCBs. But that's how I roll. :-)

dennis t.
So far, so good

I just received my completion kit the other day, so I haven't had the chance to assemble it yet. However I've had nothing but great experiences at the store to date.

Fabio C.
Ottimo prodotto a buon prezzo

La spedizione è stata veloce ed il materiale è quanto promesso. Molto soddisfatto.

Young Y.A.W.
Excellent kit. wonderful as tweeter amp

I replaced a pair of push-pull 300B amps with a pair of amp camp mini in balanced configuration to drive my tweeters (Acapella plasma tweeters). They are perfect given their high frequency extension, since the Acapellas are flat to 50kHz.

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