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ACA Mini Completion Kit

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This is the ACA Mini "Completion" kit, which provides a number of parts needed to complete the ACA Mini project. It does not include the PCB or active devices, which you'll need to get in the ACA Mini Essentials Kit.

Learn more and discuss the ACA Mini in the DIY ACA Mini thread at diyAudio.

What's included:

  • Resistors
    • 4 x 1k
    • 4 x 221k
    • 3 x 6.8k
    • 2 x 475Ω
    • 2 x 100Ω
    • 4 x 0.75Ω 3W
    • 2 x 0.33Ω 3W
    • 2 x 1Ω 3W
    • 4 x 1k PC Mount Pot
  • Capacitors
    • 2 x 1 UF Film Cap
    • 4 x 15k UF Electrolytic
    • 4 x 1000 UF 25V Electrolytic
    • 2 3.3F 2.7V SuperCap
  • Other
    • 2 x RCA inputs
    • 1 x Power Jack
    • 2 x Terminal Blocks
    • 1 x SPDT Switch
    • 1 x LED
    • 2 x Jumpers and pins
    • 4 x M3x8 socket head screws
    • 4 x M3 Keep nuts
    • 4 x 6-32 x 0.25" screws
    • 4 x 6-32 0.5" spacers
    • 4 x Heatsinks
    • 1 x Power Cord (US Style)
    • 1 x SL Power Electronics SLE48S2403N01


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jay M.
A kiCk A kit!!! Amazing!

For my first kit amp project this thing is mindblowingly good. With the online guide, a little verification with a meter, fun soldering and bam! A little giant killer is born! So much fun. Sounds WAY bigger than it should….

Thank you for making such a great, easy to build, “DIY” package available. Now for some woodwork and aesthetics. This one is worth something nice! If I could give it ten stars I would.
⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Roy B.
Simply AMAZING amplifier for the price....

I bought this kit simply because I like building kits. If they are inexpensive, I build them and give them away. At the time of this review the kit was $125. Cheap enough. But once I built it and connected it to my Magnepan LRS and KEF LS50 Metas, as a bi-amped system, using the ACA Mini above 70hz.....This little amp ain't going anywhere! I have a Pass Labs First Watt F5v2 that is my absolute reference amplifier. I've tried dozens of A,AB,D, Tube amps and nothing sounds as good as the F5v2.....but other than raw power, this little guy holds its own. Easy to build and fun to set the bias as it is a little challenging. You really need two VOMs and solder in a few little pieces of wire at the test points to allow easy connection with small alligator clips and you'll be in "High Cotton"......A nother issue is reading the resistors so you insert the correct ones. You need a good OHM meter and I recommend a auto calibration version. About $50 at Home Improvement Big Box stores or Amazon. If you are into this kind of stuff you should have one anyways. I mounted mine in an aluminum cabinet I built out of scrap, but I didn't like the looks. Finally I mounted it exposed on a wood base and added a level control to make balancing with the subwoofer easier. Get one and build it...You'll LOVE it!


Arrived in the UK well packaged along with the B1, easy to assemble. Amazing Sound for the cost, thanks Nelson & the DIY team
& community. Made the Ash box with speaker terminals on the rear will house a filter inside.

Bozhidar D.
ACA MINI-BIG Amplifier

Great kit, quality parts, easy to assemble. Most importantly the sound is amazing for the price. Thanks to Papa Nelson for the design. Thanks to the Diy community for the help and support.

Mike T.
Great kit!

It all came quickly and all components were present in the correct value and quantity.

Carl M.
Great kit!

This is an awesome kit. I tested its 5 watts per channel on Fostex ESR-206 with 98 db/1W meter and it is beautiful. The pairing with the acp-amp-camp-pre-amp (also available here, thank you!) makes it excellent. A beautiful, totally awesome combo.

One caveat: adjusting bias may be a bit of a challenge for the neophyte, but it is totally doable.

Bob A.
A Neat Kit That Even a Dolt Like Me Can Complete (And Enjoy!!!)

I took it slowly and surely despite several significant missteps. For those with a similar absence of electronic knowledge, experience, and confidence, this is a really nice little amp. Even the biasing, which in my opinion is the hardest part, went from impossible to comprehend and complete to completed confidently. I do suggest the use of an auto ranging DMM to avoid the uncertainty of selecting the proper range for the many, many adjustments to dial in the biasing successfully. I think its sound quality is actually superior to my ACA Amp Camp amp. Highly recommended.

Steve L.
Perfect Parts

As with parts sets I've previously bought for it's big brother the ACA everything required for the ACA mini was there in the kit and nothing missing. I wish there was a package with a tiny metal case instead of the heat sinks but it's good for the money and I value the convenience of a one stop shop.

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