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Headphone Amplifier project by Wayne Colburn


Wayne Colburn, the genius at Pass Labs who has designed essentially all the things that aren't speaker amplifiers, wanted to make a fun, high-performance, fantastic-sounding, Class-A, DIY headphone amp. It's affectionally known as the WHAMMY.



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Key Information

  • Headphone Amplifier Project
  • Designed by Wayne Colburn
  • Beginner to Intermediate Difficulty
  • Complete Kit Available
  • Comprehensive Build Guide


  • A Class-A amplifier for almost any headphone
  • Can also make a fantastic linestage
  • Want to roll op-amps? Go for it.

Links, Discussions & Files


Wayne's Headphone Amp Must Make Yourself

Given the explosion in the popularity of headphones, as well as the unbelievable amount of choice and variety in the market, it seemed that a simple and great-sounding headphone amp would be a great addition to the DIY community. Wayne wanted a universal headphone amp for his desk. This is the fruit of that idea.

Because there are so many choices of headphones, from Planars to IEM's, high impedance or low; this amp is designed to work will almost any headphone.  It has a Class-A output stage with enough current to drive almost anything. It also makes a wonderful line stage / preamplifier.


    How to build it

    Please note: We have not yet produced a build guide using the new completion kit parts and the new chassis. However you can follow the original WHAMMY build guide and with some help from the forum to answer any questions you might have, you should be able to complete the build without too much trouble.


    Here's a video of Wayne talking about the Whammy at Burning Amplifier Festival 2017 -- Wayne Colburn at BAF '17

    Note - Photos include parts available at the time of publishing. Individual components are subject to change based on availability.