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  • 2900

  • 218mm x 160mm (8 5/8" x 6 5/16") 
  • Black with gold immersion traces
  • 70 µm / 2oz Copper

Customer Reviews

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Klaus J.
Whammy PCB

The PCB from DIY audiostore is well designed and of good quality. The layout is exactly according to the published schematic. I just have one suggestion: the decoupling caps are between the pot and the opamp. In my builds I put them directly at the input. Otherwise the pot will probably generate a scratching noise if there is DC at the input. For the next order of PCB‘s in my opinion it is worth thinking about changing the layout.
I added the Khadas Tone Board DAC to my build. So I have an excellent DAC/headamp in a small chassis.

Ian B.
Whammy Circuit Board

This is the second Whammy I have constructed the first having been enjoyed by me for quite a while, this time I decided to "up the game" a little by adding a Burson Audio discrete opamp in place of the usual suspects. The quality of the circuit boards never fails to impress, heavy plating, high quality printing and a very good finish. Construction was without drama and all worked first time, though for the purpose of initial testing I used a generic "cheap" opamp when everything checked out OK then this was replaced with a Burson Audio V6 Classic. Amazing, no other word for it. The audio quality just goes to show the basic design is very good indeed, I am sure it performs as well if not better than anything "off the shelf" both in its own price braket and at a considerably more expensive level. As time goes on I am sure it will continue to improve as things "Burn in" .
This is a great project for anyone to tackle, you won't be dissapointed with the results I am sure, it is easily achieveable with modertate skill level and some patience.

Alain B.
satisfaction !!

I am completely satisfied with the product. The rendering is above my expectations.
Alain Billard

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