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Analog Crossover Network: Basic + LX Mini Kit

Analog Crossover Network: Basic + LX Mini Kit

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This is the Analog Crossover Network: LX Mini KitTo purchase a complete kit or learn more about what the ACN can do for you visit the ACN Complete Kit page.

This LX Mini Kit contains the PCB, 16 matched JFETs, 16 matching resistors R13-20, R35-42, and all the other PC board parts mentioned in Nelson's article (Trim potentiometers, resistors and capacitors).


  • Printed Circuit Board (BIAMP12ERF-V1R0)
  • 16 matched N channel JFETs (Fairchild J113) with matching bias and tweaking resistors 
    • Q1-Q16
    • R13-R20, R35-R42
  • All other PC board parts listed in Nelson's article 
    • P1-P4
    • R1-R52
    • C1-C29

Not included

  • ACN Chassis
  • Any parts that connect to the chassis
  • Power supply


  • Dimensions: 5inch x 5inch / 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Finaly I received the parts, the German DHL did a bad job and resend the items to USA where they get lost. But diyaudiostore shipped the parts for free, they charged only the shipping. Thanks a lot! Great stuff, now I am fiddling to find the best crossover points for my Speakers.

Replaced an op-amp based crossover and parametric equalizer

I used this crossover to replace an op-amp based crossover board and an old SAE parametric equalizer which I had used to feed a speaker system based on vintage JBL pro sound speaker components. The parametric equalizer had been used to boost the low bass a bit and to remove a 2 kHz peak.

Using LTspice, I was able to redesign the notch filter so that it was narrower and not as deep and centred at 2 kHz. No modifications were required to the circuit board, although jumpers were added and components changed. LTspice was also handy in recalculating the crossover component values to get a 800 Hz crossover frequency and to modify the bass equalization. Frequency response tests after building confirmed that the design was accurate.

This crossover does the job with minimal circuitry and can be modified to suit users' needs, which was what I was looking for. So, it can work for speakers other than the LX Mini. Pretty hard to beat for the price, too.

Works as advertised

Works as advertised for my LXmini kit from magicLX521. Shipping was fast and parcel arrived (with tax and customs fees added) in Germany. Even in its current state with a cardbox enclosure produces no audible noise. Note that the chepest ebay power supplies from China are a bit noisy but with a brand name power supply (the triad recommended is not available in Europe) it is quiet.

Excellent kit as always

Great kit, well put together. A must buy while it last. Very recommended...

Fun for the newb

As advertised...really cool that Mr. Pass would do this for the LX Mini crowd (and Mr. Linkwitz, RIP). Fun project, everything checked out and worked on first go, and sounds great. I may be hooked. Thinking about building another before golf season returns so that I can try with XLR, even if it's not particularly cost effective. Anyone need a miniDSP?

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