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PSU with the diode board snapped off.  The v-cut has been made at just the right depth so it's easy to snap, but it won't snap unless you want it to.
A pair of PSU boards showing stacking options
A single snapped cap section mounted directly to the front of a 4U Deluxe Chassis faceplate.  This allows a great saving of space on the chassis floor.
Two snapped cap boards mounted side by side on the faceplate of a 4U Deluxe Chassis.  This configuration saves a lot of space on the chassis floor.
A cap board mounted on the faceplate of a 5U Deluxe Chassis faceplate.  There's a bit more room for this on the 5U as compared to the 4U.
Two cap boards mounted on the faceplate of a 5U Deluxe Chassis
An un-snapped board on the front of a 5U.  Not recommended but it's possible.
Creative types can use a riser panel instead of heatsinks and save a bunch of space on the diode section.  The riser could be mounted to a Deluxe Chassis faceplate, to help with cooling.
Entire PSU board on a riser panel to demonstrate some other mounting options.

Universal Power Supply

$ 25.00

The all new Universal PSU V3.0. Bigger and badder than ever, complete with a well illustrated build guide.

  • Fully compatible and optimized for the new Deluxe 4U and Deluxe 5U chassis to allow easy installation on the base, chassis front panel, or on riser panels
  • Can accomodate 35mm, 30mm and 25mm caps
  • Double sided 70um copper tracks
  • Added PI resistors for a total of 7 per side of the PSU
  • Each side is completely independent of the other providing separate grounding take off points
  • Grounding scheme at user's discretion (i.e. can be utilized for star grounding)
  • Ground vias available for joining on-board/local ground
  • On-board heatsinking for the diodes
  • Larger tracks whenever possible
  • Most inputs and outputs have larger vias to accommodate large wires
  • Input and output vias arranged to also accommodate Snap-On terminals
  • Output has larger vias for direct wire soldering to the board
  • Output has vias arranged to either accept Euroblock connectors or Snap-On terminals
  • Diode Section and Capacitor Section can be joined either by large diameter jumper wires or Fast-On connectors or direct soldering
  • Capacitor section can be stacked one on top of the other. Connections for quick parallel stacking are provided via Snap-On connectors or direct soldering.
  • Diode section can be snapped off from the Capacitor section (0.2mm V-Cut both sides)
  • Capacitor section can be snapped off lengthwise regardless if the Diode section is still attached or snapped off for more build flexibility (0.2mm V-Cut both sides)
  • Snapping is possible thanks to 0.2mm v-cuts on each side of the 1.6mm board.  It takes a lot of force to snap the board - enough so you won't ever snap it accidentally but not so much that you will have a hard time snapping it.
  • 80x80 mounting scheme on the Capacitor section for front panel chassis mounting
  • Extensively supports DA's mounting systems and bases
  • Options for Input snubbers (RC or RC + C) and options for output RC snubbers or bypass
If you have any questions please discuss them in the V3 Universal Power Supply Circuit Board thread.

Additional Information

Dimensions 171mm x 156mm
Mounting holes Holes are on a 10mm x 10mm grid
Number of boards included 1
Layers 2
Board Revision 3.0

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Universal Power Supply

$ 25.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Well done and easy to assemble

I used two of them to build two Honey Badger power amps in mono configuration. It works really well and the the documentation is clear and detailled. I have no complaints whatsoever.


Built 2 of these boards for a pair of Honey Badger amps. Excellent boards, quick and easy to build. Work great.

A bit too universal

As usual the PCBs are beautiful. Wanting to make a FirstWatt amp, I found this kit too "universal". I had to figure out what was necessary and split the diodes part of the PCB. It took me a long while to manage that, slowly and cautiously with a cutter but the result is up to expectation.

David P.
Universal Power Boards

Arrived within a week to the UK. I’ve used the boards many times, excellent product. I used the diode boards, instead of separate bridge rectifiers this time. It maybe my imagination but the sound output appeared smoother.

Walt J.
Power supply board w/options

I used the board in an Aleph J build. It's wonderfully quiet. The board has many build options and takes a little reading to decide how you want to use it. The diyaudio discussion thread was very helpful. Highly recommend.

min x.
I bought twice

Very good board. I bought twice