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COVID19 Update July 7th 2020

Service delays updates

We have updated our shipping rating system to now advise customers of the following expected delays to each service. This should cover 95% of shipments, however 5% are delayed well beyond these extra number of days. 

  • DHL Paket - Expect 7-21 days delay
  • DHL Parcel - Expect 7-30 days delay
  • DHL Direct - Expect 7-15 days delay
  • DHL Express - Expect no delays
  • FedEx International -  Expect 0-7 days delay
  • USPS International Priority - Expect 10-30 days delay
  • USPS International Express - Expect 10-30 days delay

We have updated the number of days to wait for these services in line with current realities. Read more on our shipping information page.

  • DHL Paket - 100 days since last in the US
  • DHL Parcel - 100 days since last in the US
  • DHL Direct - 100 days since last in the US
  • USPS International Priority - 60 days since last in the US
  • USPS International Express - 30 days since last in the US

If in doubt, or you are in a hurry, use DHL Express. They have their own aircraft and we are seeing no delays.

International Express Service Note: We no longer recommend USPS International Express, it's 20% cheaper than DHL Express but appears to be taking more in the range of 20-30 days compared to DHL Express's 2-6 days. 

COVID19 note added to all shipping/returns/refunds pages:

All services other than DHL Express are affected by COVID19 related delays. All carriers (DHL, USPS, UPS) have advised us that:

  • Lost or damaged shipments can be claimed
  • Delayed shipments cannot be claimed

We regularly update our shipping calculation system to show the expected delays for each service, however some parcels may be delayed for weeks or months which is beyond our control. This is a once in 100 years event, all carriers have enacted "force majeure" and will not allow claims on delayed packages. Until the carrier acknowledges your package as lost, it will be considered delayed.

To date we have not seen any packages "lost". They are all turning up, but in rare cases (< 1%), we are seeing delays of over 100 days. 


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