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Amp Camp Amp Kit - Pre-Order Status Page

Update - Nov 20th 2018

Batch 3: All parts kit have now shipped, and all chassis will ship by end of the month

Update - Nov 12th 2018

Batch 3: Pre-sales of the parts kit are now closed. 

Update - Nov 6th 2018

Batch 3: Open until Nov 12th 6PM PST or until sold out. Shipping Nov 30th. 

Update - Sep 10th 2018

Batch 2: All chassis and kits have now shipped, 5 days ahead of schedule. Tracking numbers will be attached to orders today.

A batch 3 pre-order will be announced soon.

Update - August 23rd 2018

Batch 2: On schedule. Chassis will start shipping out next week. We currently forecast no problems meeting the advertised shipping date of September 15th for the kits. 

Note on V1.6 Build Guide: This is actively under construction. Please see the introduction section of the 1.5 build guide for everything you need to know to build the 1.6 if you are prepared to take some time to understand the wiring, including some great new videos.

Update - August 8th 2018

Batch 1: All remaining orders have now shipped. Orders will be updated with tracking information in a few hours.

Batch 2: On schedule.

Update - August 4th 2018

Batch 1: Approximately the first 60% of orders shipped on August 2nd. This was done in a first-come first-served fashion (with some exceptions), and tracking information has been sent to everyone who is in that group. We expect the later orders to ship on or before August 14th, and everyone in that group has been sent an email advising them of such. We do apologize for this delay.

Jim is working on a new ACA V1.6 build guide, however please note that the only real difference is the wiring of the power switch and various customization options. As soon as it is ready, we'll email everyone the details.

Batch 2: On schedule. 

Update - August 1st 2018

Batch 1: The first 60% of orders will start shipping tomorrow, in the order they were placed, and the remainder will start shipping in about a week from now. Very roughly, if your order number is lower than DAS-5300 (eg: DAS-5299) and it contained only the Amp Camp Amp kit and/or PSU, it will probably ship tomorrow, if it is higher than 5300 (eg: DAS-5301) or was more complicated, it will probably ship next week.

On August 4th we will email you either a tracking number (if yours shipped), or an ETA for when your order will ship (we think about a week). 

Once again, we do apologize for the delay on the second half of the orders. Arguably, we're more annoyed than you are, however please feel free to email us and vent your frustrations. The silver lining is that all the work that went into creating systems to handle this batch will ensure future pre-orders are more predictable.

Batch 2: Everything is on track for shipping on September 15th

Update - July 31st 2018

Batch 1: Order are being processed in the order that they were placed.

Approximately the first 60% of orders will start shipping within the next 48 hours and you will get an email with tracking information if your order is in this group.

The last 40% should ship in around a week, though we are advertising August 14th as "worst case", and once we know exactly which orders are in which group (48 hours), we'll be sending emails to everyone to let them know (a) their order has shipped and what the tracking number is, or (b) when their order can be expected to ship.

We're very sorry for the delay on the latter 40% of orders. We were expecting some items from our previous logistics supplier mid-July but they really put the brakes on things. 

Batch 2: Everything is on track for shipping on September 15th

Update - July 25th 2018

Batch 1: Your chassis should now have shipped. As of two weeks ago we starting sending a what-to-do-when-you-get-your-shipment email to customers once their chassis started shipping. If you missed that email, all that information is included in our new FedEx problem reporting guide (basically, don't throw away any packaging and check you got what you ordered within 10 days of receipt).

Parts kits? As they say "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry". This pre-order gave us the opportunity to move to an improved logistics facility so that we can better serve you in the future. We consumed much of our breathing room in July with this move, which is ongoing. After thinking we were 2 weeks ahead of schedule, thanks to some heel-draggingly-slow results from our old fulfilment company, it looks like about half the kits should start shipping from July 31st and about half from August 7th.

We do apologize for the inconvenience but please know we have been working very long coffee-fueled 16 hour days to both get these kits out as well as bringing our level of service for future orders up to the next level (of price, delivery speed, and reliability). 

At this stage we'll say that any particular parts kit from batch 1 has a 30% chance of shipping by July 31st, 50% by August 7th, and 20% by August 14th.

Batch 2: Everything is on track for shipping on September 15th

Update - July 17th 2018

Batch 1: Everything is on track, most chassis have now shipped, we currently believe there should be no problem hitting the July 31st shipping deadline, but it looks like we won't be shipping early. Current estimations would be that we have a 80% chance of shipping by July 31st, and 99% chance by August 7th. We will update this page regularly as we get closer to the date.

Batch 2: This batch sold out, congrats to everyone who secured a pre-order. Chassis will ship much earlier than the parts kit, and the parts kit is due to ship September 15th.

Update - July 7th 2018

Today we hit a great milestone - all batch 1 parts kits have completed assembly and next week will be on their way to our logistics partner. Remaining power supplies should be arriving next week and everything is on target to meet our shipping target for batch 1 of July 31st.

As a result, we are today announcing batch 2, with a shipping target of September 15th. Batch 2 will be conducted in the same way as batch 1. In order to meet this target we are keeping this pre-order period "short and sweet" - just 48 hours starting 7th July 6PM PST, and ending 9th July 6PM PST (or sooner if sold out).

For batch 2 there are some new things to keep in mind:

  • No order changes after July 16th (cancellations, adjustments of order composition)
  • Address changes after July 16th cannot be guaranteed, but will be performed on a case-by-case basis as best as we can (your product might ship in between you emailing us a new address, resolving any address problems, and the address getting to logistics)
  • We are unable to accept any pre-orders using PayPal. PayPal doesn't like pre-orders and last round they froze our account. PayPal will be disabled on the store during the pre-sale period.

Any questions can be sent to Thank you!

 Batch Shipping Date Target Chassis Parts Kit Power Supply Kit Overall Status
Batch 1 July 31st 100% manufactured, 70% shipped 100% assembled, 0% shipped 60% received and assembled, 0% shipped On target to deliver by  shipping target
Batch 2 September 15th Taking pre-orders
Taking pre-orders
Taking pre-orders
Taking pre-orders

>> Reminder - we cannot not ship partial orders <<

Update - July 4th 2018

All ACA chassis have now completed production. Shipping continues in batches every day, with approximately 70% sent so far. Most ACA parts kits are now also finished, and we currently forsee no problems meeting our July 31st shipping date estimation on the kits.

We will be announcing a new "round 2" ACA pre-order batch soon, probably with an estimated shipping date of September 15th.

Update - June 14th 2018

Everything is going well with all aspects of the production and we are on track to hit our advertised shipping date of July 31st.

Chassis will start shipping in small batches this week as they are produced and it's very likely that you'll receive your chassis well before July 31st.

The parts kit production is well underway. We are waiting on a few component lines from various suppliers in order to be able to complete all the kits, and this will mean some kits are finished earlier than others. We'll start shipping out kits in batches as soon as they are ready. We currently foresee no problems with meeting our July 31st shipping date estimation.

Update - May 24th 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in the pre-order. We do apologize to those who yet again missed out. As a "kitchen bench" operation there are limits to our storage and production capabilities as well as our suppliers ability to give us parts without making us wait through 4 month lead times.

The goods news is that we have successfully sourced all the parts required, most have arrived and production already underway. Despite this being a bigger production than expected, we are on track to meet our delivery targets. Chassis are being produced in smaller batches and generally will start shipping before the parts kits. 

Update - May 14th 2018

As a result of overwhelming demand, and in order to meet customers' expectations about our advertised shipping date, have had to close the July 31st pre-order for the Amp Camp Amp Kit and cannot accept any more orders for this batch.

We know this is going to disappoint a lot of people who were waiting until the last minute to order, but it's the right thing to do if we want to achieve our customer satisfaction goals.

We knew you wanted this kit - we didn't realize how much! Unfortunately we make the kits up using only genuine parts from A grade US suppliers, and some of them are going to have to re-stock in order to meet our demand. We won't sacrifice on quality, so this is going to take some time.

Right now we're waiting to hear from our suppliers when they can give us enough parts to make up a second batch. Effective immediately:

About this page

  • This is the status page for information about Amp Camp Kit V1.6 pre-orders (all batches)
  • This page will be updated as time goes on with the latest information about the pre-orders, such as the current expected delivery date and any other important information
  • If you have any questions about your pre-order, please check this page first to see if the answer is here before emailing customer service. Every email that we answer means we can't be spending time doing something else. Thanks for your help!

General Information about diyAudio Pre-Orders

  • We offer pre-orders to allow you to secure a product that might otherwise sell out before you get a chance to buy it
  • You pay the full price including shipping now (thank you!), and when everything is ready, we'll ship it to you
  • You can purchase a pre-order product just like any other in the store, and you can add other items to your order at the same time if you'd like to combine shipping
  • We don't ship partial orders. If you buy a few different things, they will all ship when everything is available to ship. There is one exception - chassis items shipped from our partners in Italy will ship as soon as they are ready (yay!).

Pre-order opening and closing dates


  • If you have an older ACA version and want to upgrade, use the new chassis, or build a second channel, see ACA upgrade information

  • Batch 1

    • Pre-ordering opened May 4rd 2018 6PM PST
    • Pre-ordering sold out May 14th 6PM

    Batch 2

    • Pre-ordering opened July 7th 2018 6PM PST
    • Pre-ordering sold out on July 9th 2018 

    Batch 3

    • Pre-orders now open

    Status of the batches

     Batch Shipping Date Target Chassis Parts Kit Power Supply Kit Overall Status
    Batch 1 July 31st Shipped
    Batch 2 September 15th
    Batch 3 Nov 30th Taking pre-orders Taking pre-orders Available On Target

    Reminder - we do not ship partial orders


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