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Amp Camp Amp Kit

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A Beautiful "Class A" Amplifier Kit

Dual monoblocks. Easy to Build. Everything included.
Parts kit $149. Dual monoblock chassis $149/pr. Complete kit just $269.

It's not just a kit, it's an education - here's why you'll fall in love with this project:

Everything Included
It can take days of searching and ordering from multiple suppliers to obtain all these parts. We've done that for you. Everything you need is included, other than basic tools.

Detailed Build Guide
We've put together a detailed build guide complete with step by step photos and instructions so you're never lost. Plus, our friends at TekThing recorded a beautiful 30 minute build-video!

Quick and Easy to Build
Even a kid can build it and many have! All you need it one afternoon and you'll have finished and be listening to two beautiful class A monoblock amplifiers!

The Amp Camp Amp Kit makes two monoblock amplifiers that sound great - here's why

Designed by an Audio Legend - Nelson Pass
Nelson's company Pass Labs makes some of the finest (and most expensive) amplifiers in the world. This amplifier has its roots in decades of award winning amplifier design experience.

Minimalist Amplifier Topology
Less is more. Nelson is famous for his "Zen" approach to design and this amp is no exception - it's a minimalist circuit that delivers purity through simplicity.

A Pure "Class A" Design
Most amplifier designs switch transistors on and off causing noise. Class A amplifiers are always operating in their sweet spot, which is why people say they sound "silky smooth".

What Exactly is an Amp Camp Amp Anyway?

The Amp Camp Amp was created by Nelson Pass for a special event called "Amp Camp" in which 20 people built their very first amplifier from start to finish in one afternoon. The event was held outdoors on a lovely sunny day in California and all attendees walked away with a fully functioning amplifier and a smile on their dials.

Naturally, other people wanted share that same amazing experience of successfully building their first amplifier so diyAudio has created the three essential ingredients you need for that same journey - the parts, the instructions, and the community.

Read more in the Amp Camp Amp article hosted on diyAudio.


How does it sound?

Once you build the Amp Camp Amp you'll never look at power and distortion figures the same way again.

Each channel is just 5 watts, but they're very good watts. In fact Nelson's DIY endeavors are called "First Watt" because in his own words "The first watt is the most important watt". The amp has enough power for medium to high efficiency speakers at normal listening levels. They sound even better bi-amped with an active crossover.

  •  "Insane amount of detail, deep bass and crystal highs" - Starbender
  •  "Great power, bass and massive detail" - Waam68  
  •  "Highly detailed, yet smooth and sweet" - Mitchba
  •  "I am amazed at the sound quality" - Neoinc

Save Time and Money

You could spend days or weeks trying to find the right parts, then paying over and over for shipping from multiple suppliers. Or you could buy the Amp Camp Amp kit!

So Simple You'll (Actually) Finish It

We've got you covered with easy to follow step-by-step visual build guide. There's also an amazing build-video from TekThing showing construction from start to finish!

Benefit From New Skills

Don't sit on the sidelines - get building today! You'll learn new skills you can apply to other projects, refine your ear and duly feel pride in your accomplishment.

Enjoy Quality Sound

If you want to hear the sound of one transistor clapping this is the ticket. Dead silent, pure and luxurious. Reviews speak for themselves: "Insane detail", "deep bass", "crystal highs", "great power", "fluid", "sharp", "smooth", "sweet".

Relax Knowing This Is a Great Choice

The Amp Camp Amp Kit sounds like a much more expensive amplifier, is quick and easy to build, simple to understand, includes all the parts, comes with instructions, and has a wealth of support if you need it. You can't go wrong with this tried and tested project.

Meet Other Audiophile Makers

As you breathe life into these amps, they'll literally breathe it back to you! Be a part of the super friendly Amp Camp Amp maker community on diyAudio and meet other makers that share your obsession with quality sound.


Watch the build-video from TekThing

TekThing is an awesome video blog for technology geeks. In this 30 minute video Patrick Norton talks about the history of the Amp Camp Amp, and then builds a channel from start to finish! If you like the video consider subscribing to the TekThing YouTube channel for regular geekery or become a patron and get perks!

What's In The Kit and What Tools Do I Need?

Components (Included!)

  • Printed Circuit Boards with gold plated traces 
  • Transistors including Linear Systems's JFET's and IRC MOSFET's
  • Vishay/Dale 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • Elna Silmic ll and Cornell-Dubilier Capacitors
  • Bourns Potentiometers
  • Rocker Switches and LED's

Hardware (Included!)

  • Keratherm® MOSFET insulators - Very efficient and no grease required
  • M3 board mounting standoffs, w/ stainless steel bolts and washers 
  • Stainless steel mounting bolts and washers for MOSFETs
  • Gold plated Speaker Terminals and RCA Jacks
  • Power Connector Jacks
  • Copper hookup wire in assorted colors
  • 2 laptop style power supplies suitable for the project
  • 2 beautiful custom made Amp Camp Amp enclosures from Hi-Fi 2000


Enclosures (Included!)

  • 2 beautiful custom made Amp Camp Amp enclosures from Hi-Fi 2000
  • All the work done for you - just screw it together!
  • Front panels drilled (power switch and LED), then re-anodized and silkscreened
  • Rear panels drilled (power jack, RCA input, speaker output) and enameled
  • Heatsinks pre-drilled and pre-tapped with M3 threads for easy mounting of circuit boards

Tools Required (Not Included!)

  • Soldering Iron and Solder
  • Digital Multi-Meter (DMM)
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Metric Hex Wrenches
  • Needle-Nosed Pliers
  • Diagonal Cutters
  • Wire Stripper


Save hundreds of dollars

To assemble this same kit yourself would cost over $400 including parts, hardware, sales tax and shipping. And you wouldn't get the tapped holes or front and rear panels drilled. And then there's your time in buying al the parts and working the chassis...

The Amp Camp Amp Kit:

  • Is great value
  • Has everything you need to build it
  • Ships the next day

If you bought each part yourself:

  • Bolt Depot (Bolts) - $7.71
  • Digikey (Small electronic components) - $42.43
  • diyAudio Store (Keratherm, Transistors, PCBs) - $71.89
  • NewEgg (Power Supplies) - $42.37
  • Parts Express (Mounting hardware, wire, etc) - $57.18
  • eBay (Standoffs) - $5.34
  • Chassis - Minimum $200 (and you wouldn't get the tapped holes or front and rear panels drilled)
  • Total: $426.92, a day hunting for parts and a day drilling your chassis and tapping your heatsinks

    * All prices were calculated live on 11 June 2016 using real products and a shipping address of San Francisco.


    Technical Specifications

    This amplifier will teach you that you can't hear an amp by its specs, but in case you were wondering...

    • Frequency response           10 - 20 kHz +/- 0.1 dB
    • Power per channel              5 Watts per channel (That's 92 decibels coming out of your speakers, assuming you're listening from 10 feet away with 91db efficiency speakers. More than 2 hours at this volume level exceeds occupational safety limits, is more than adequate to annoy your neighbors, and certainly enough to enjoy your music at normal listening levels)
    • Distortion                             0.7% at 1 Watt (primarily second order harmonic which being even-order is described as "sweet, tubey" and being low-order as "benign/inaudible")
    • Input impedance                  10 Kohm
    • Max Gain                               14dB
    • Damping factor                     3
    • Output noise                         100 uV
    • Power supply input              110-240V
    • Power supply output           19V 4.74A
    • Heat dissipation                   20 Watts per Channel
    You can see more specifications and performance charts over at diyAudio.


    You're In Good Company

    The Amp Camp Amp Kit has received coverage in these publications



    The reviews speak for themselves

    "Insane amount of detail, deep bass and crystal highs! Tried few old restored amps with 4000M's, ACA's are perfect match so far. So, thanks Mr.Pass for this eye-opening experience..."

    diyAudio Member
    "I have it my office and it blows away the Yamaha AV receiver I have been using (until today). I am very surprised by the difference. Definition and sound stage are so much better. This with low end bookshelf speakers...I am hooked!"

    diyAudio Member
    "The amp sounds great....great power, bass and massive detail...Amazing amp for the build cost. The amp is dead silent between tracks."

    diyAudio Member


    "I am using 4 x ACA's kits to drive 8 ohm Selenium D405 midrange and BMS 4540 high frequency compression drivers in a Digital XO tri-amp set up... I am impressed with the sound quality - highly detailed, yet smooth and sweet."

    diyAudio Member
    "Amps go together so easily! Really a great initiation!...absolutely massive, dense, fluid, sharp as a knife sound. Played a few tracks I'm familiar with and the hairs on the back of my head nearly lifted me off the floor!!"


    diyAudio Member
    "Spent 2 nights assembling the kit and volia now it is singing. Source is a old niam cd2 > BA3 FE > ACA > Markaudio Alpair 6 floorstander. I am amazed by the sound quality. Once again, thank you Papa Pass."

    diyAudio Member


    This is the Best "First" Amplifier Kit You Can Buy

    A beautiful class A amplifier design from the master of the art with all the parts, instructions and help you need.





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Can a kit be too much value for the dollar?

    In discussing this kit with my buddy DaveD, and mentioning it in numerous forum posts, it occurred to me that I'd probably not written a customer review, so while a couple of years late, here goes.
    I've built a few kits and from scratch electronic projects over the years - including several Bottlehead tubed amps and pres, but this was easily the simplest of them all. As for the sound - quite possibly the most transparent amp I've ever (not?) heard, and with the right speaker the modestly rated power is more than enough for pleasant listening. No, it won't break the windows, but at a price far less than some golden-eared audiophools pay for power cords, it certainly won't break your bank account either.

    Can't wait to see / hear what's next from the combination of talent that put this one together.

    Great sound, fun build

    Really nice kit with all needed parts. The 2 online build guides are excellent. Am using them with a pair of old Klipsch KG2's (a Craigslist find) with very nice sound. This was perfect for my beginner DIY skills as a complete kit with power supply already built and included.

    5 star

    Amp Camp Amp Kit

    ACA Chassis Received!

    This is a high quality build item. I am looking forward to ordering the other half of the kit, the components :)

    Awesome….I’m stunned..

    Awesome….I’m stunned..

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