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Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

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The Amp Camp Parts Kit includes everything you need to build the Amp Camp Amp except the recommended power supply and a chassis. You can also buy the complete Amp Camp Amp kit which has everything included.


  • All parts are purchased directly from reputable US distributors
  • Printed circuit boards  (Revision 1.6)
  • Transistors including Linear Systems's JFETs and IRC MOSFETs
  • Switches, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, everything is included except the PSU and chassis 
  • The same parts quality Nelson Pass uses in his own amplifiers


  • Keratherm® MOSFET insulators - very efficient and no grease required
  • M3 board mounting standoffs, w/ stainless steel bolts and washers 
  • Stainless steel mounting bolts and washers for MOSFETs
  • Gold plated speaker terminals and RCA Jacks
  • Power connector jack
  • Copper hookup wire in assorted colors
  • Cover plate for XLR hole (for advanced users, the XLR hole gives the possibility to create monoblocks with over 20 watts per channel)


Customer Reviews

Based on 194 reviews
Great sound

Very happy with my amp camp.
I bought the aca 1.6 kit as my first project, it was straight forward to put together.
It sounds fantastic, very smooth. I use it with 8ohm 88db 3 way speakers, the sound good but miss tight bass, nevertheless the midrange and highs are fantastic and non-fatiguing.
I am going to build the M2X to have some more power.
The aca is definitely a keeper, also it dissipates 40watt vs the 160watt of the m2x, so useful for the hot summers.


Coming from the Heathkit, Dynaco and Hafler kits generation, building this kit was an easy and fun project. The build instructions and step by step layout was easy to follow. For the diy person there's no better enjoyment than to build your own great sounding audio gear. This Amp Camp Amp is a very clean sounding amp, you will not be disappointed

ACA v1.6 build

Went together beautifully, instructions were great, sounds wonderful.

Easy to build, sounds great!

I've more than 30 years experience listening to Hi-End equipment, but I hardly found a solid state amplifier that's cheap enough and sound that good, the greatest part of this amplifier is simple, though the output just 5W (24V power supply, stereo), but it can drive my Totem Rainmaker (4 Ohm) with quality sound, and less than 10 hours after I finished the construction! I'm no good in circuit reading and complex wiring, but I'd manage to make this within one day and the bias adjust is easy! Highly recommend for anyone love quality sound!

I love this little amp that could!

At long last, and after 3 iterations, I’m reviewing my ACA 1.6.

I bought one complete kit plus an additional kit not including the chassis and power supply. Being new to DIY audio, I built the first kit exactly per 6L6’s excellent instructions. It went without a hitch and was a ton of fun to build. Any downsides? I wasn’t happy with my (really) old speakers with the ACA and I went shopping for something that would work better.

I ended up with (to my own surprise) a set of B&W CM5 S2’s and wow! What an amazing little amp! Such a lively, fun, clean sound! After years with music as a sideline affair, I’ve finally re-discovered my passion!

It had been my plan to use the second ACA kit (and much more heatsink) to create a bridged (approx) 15 watt amp. After living with the “Stock” amp for a couple of months and reading some of Nelson Pass’s writing on the subject, I decided to to use the second kit to bi-amp my speakers instead.

So, another power supply, much more heatsink, and 2 iterations later, I’m thrilled to say that my 4 individual amplifiers, in a cabinet of my own making, are powering a pair of bookshelf speakers in a way that I never dreamed possible from such low power and such small speakers.

It really is the first watt that matters most!

And the support here at DIYAudio is amazing! So much knowledge…

I can’t thank you all enough for helping me experience music again this way!

Nelson Pass Amp Camp Amp kit

I bought this amp to test Paul Klipsch statement that all he needed was a great 5 watt amplifier to drive his Klipschorns. I will attest that this amplifier does to job extremely well. Great kit. This is my second build of a Nelson Pass amp. I built a First Watt F5 several years ago to compare it to my Harmon Kardon Citation II. All three amps are sound fantastic.

Giant killer

What a fantastic amp! Easy to build (the trickiest part was prepping the chassis - I didn't purchase the diyaudiostore chassis, see NZ import duty legislation, but that's another story). The sound with a B1 buffer preamp and a pair of full range Markaudio Alpair 7s is magical. A perfect balance between detail and ease of listening - a very well mannered amp. With said speakers the amp runs out of steam a bit; I'll purchase another kit and convert to a pair of mono blocks.

I have listened to very expensive systems that don't afford any more listening pleasure than this.

lovely experience

It was my first try as a DIY amp builder and it was a thrill. The set up you guys ( diyaudio ) have put up here is just perfect. From the available literature, the forum and members inputs, the anticipation, the neat package, even the little plastic bags where the parts were shipped in; quality stuff. And what to say about the build guide put up by 6L6, that made assembling this kit a breeze.
I really enjoyed it.
The kit resulted in a quality amplifier ( I have bought two ) with a sound to match.
They are still under "trial" because, I must admit, my system is not easy for them. They are kind of struggling to power up my 4 Ohm SMGA maggies... my TL12 tube LEAKs were more at ease.
For reference I am using a Benchmark DAC1 HDR as pre amp, and the ACA with a parallel input and a Y cable.
As I said I really enjoyed the whole process and seriously considering building another. Maybe the Aleph J!
Thank you guys very much

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