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Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

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The Amp Camp Parts Kit includes everything you need to build the Amp Camp Amp except the recommended power supply and a chassis. You can also buy the complete Amp Camp Amp kit which has everything included.


  • All parts are purchased directly from reputable US distributors
  • Printed circuit boards  (Revision 1.6)
  • Transistors including Linear Systems's JFETs and IRC MOSFETs
  • Switches, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, everything is included except the PSU and chassis 
  • The same parts quality Nelson Pass uses in his own amplifiers


  • Keratherm® MOSFET insulators - very efficient and no grease required
  • M3 board mounting standoffs, w/ stainless steel bolts and washers 
  • Stainless steel mounting bolts and washers for MOSFETs
  • Gold plated speaker terminals and RCA Jacks
  • Power connector jack
  • Copper hookup wire in assorted colors
  • Cover plate for XLR hole (for advanced users, the XLR hole gives the possibility to create monoblocks with over 20 watts per channel)


Customer Reviews

Based on 238 reviews
I thought Aca was great but it surpassed my expectations!

If you feel demoted to build them in the thinking this is a minor pass, leave this on the back and prepare yourself for the good. I had classic aleph in the past but i dont recall such a great sounding bass like the aca has in parallel mono. Really!
The build was easy and it worked first time right. I changed some resistors just for the sake of a fancy flavour but i am sure it would sound great in stock form. I am so happy of them i dont feel any need for a new amp build. Thanxs and hope new kits will come up in complete form as i am not an expert builder and without this clear instructions will never make it. A big thanxs!

Ruben B.
It's a great project

To make it short, it's a great project.

Shipping was relative fast from the US to Belgium. The case that came direct from the supplier in Italy took a bit longer, but still reasonable. Parts are all high quality, and nothing mssing (i had parts to much i think).

Building it was relative easy (a friend who has experience with building electronics did most of the work, while i was assisting her), but some details in the guide are not clear for the 1.8 version i have or not the best practice. Twisting leads like explained in the guide is not that good, it's better to bind them toghetter as example (and so we did). Also the biasing process is not fully clear explained. But with a little experience and logic thinking it's easy resolved. But i would clear that out even if it's a very minor issue. And the person who did the soldering and assembly for me did a great job so it look very good on the inside also.

On sound i can absolutly not complain, it's a great sounding amplifier that does not sound worse as the class A amps i heared in the past (Sugden, Pass Labs, Musical Fidelity) that costed way more as far as i can remember. I also use a commercial tube amp (Prima Luna Prologue 4) that is not better but it has a slightly different sound (due to the different topology). But the sound is open and detailed and the harmonic distortion that is inherent on this topology is never an issue, it's rather subtile and only an advantage. I now use it with 89dB sensitive diy speakers, and for normal listening volumes that +/- 8W is enough (altough i plan to build higher sensitive speakers for it). A great project after all, and i'm sure i'll get an other one in the near future to run them as monoblocks.

Jeff B.
Great Sound, Great First Build, Count Your Parts

This was a first build for my niece (12) and nephew (14). They are both quite smart and adept with their hands. The suggested build time is 3 to 6 hours. That time covered stuffing and soldering the PCBs. Building the wire harnesses and getting everything assembled took several more hours. Something that helped was that I created a spreadsheet listing each resistor value and made the rows tall enough to tape the matched resistors. We had 3 kits, and 2 of the 3 kits had extras of some resistors and not enough of others. Fortunately, I had spare parts on-hand. (I took one star off for this.) All capacitors and transistors were accounted for.

All channels worked correctly first try! Changes I would make to the kit include better component checks on the resistors before shipping and clearer pictures of the back panel wiring. The sound is really nice and louder than I would have expected for 15W. Highly recommended.

Eelco R.

This is such a surprising good amp. I had build it to have a taste for class A amplification and it really is super.
I have connected it to a pair of diy speakers from Parts Express (Samba MT) but also had it connected to Amiga MT (Paul Carmody design). The latter is really not sensitive enough, so you run out of oempf. But whatever is there is really enjoyable. The Samba is more sensitive and has more treble. That combination rocks but doesn’t reach as deep. But he, you can’t blame the amp for that 🙂

Robert M.
Very happy

I got two kits they were easy to build with very good online instructions all in all I’m very happy with the finished amps

Eelco R.
Found the sound that I was looking for

I have been building my own speakers since Corona grounded me behind the home office desk. I have build 6 pairs in the meantime. Mostly designs from Paul Carmody. I like the Amiga most because of it's controlled and low base (used premium filter components).

But that became truly audible once I connected it with the ACA Amp that I have build recently. The sound is crisp and clear but dynamic and engaging at the same time. Unfortunately, the Amiga is far from sensitive so it won't go loud. But since I play it in the study, the SPL is sufficient and neighbors and wife/kids are not complaining either.

So very happy with the Amp and VERY happy with the sound. This is as much high-end sound you can get on a shoestring.

Daniele f.M.
Great experience

I wasn't sure I could do it, I know nothing about electronics, never solder anything before, but I succeeded and the amp sounds very well.

David A.
As two mono blocks they simply sound amazing

I have enjoyed one aca as stereo but after using it as monoblock I decide to get the second one

As 2 mono blocks they sound fantastic, amazingly transparent, better bass but yet very pleasing

Surpassing the level of these couple of class A will defiantly be very costly

Amazing design so simple with such amazing results

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