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Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

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The Amp Camp Parts Kit includes everything you need to build the Amp Camp Amp except the recommended power supply and a chassis. You can also buy the complete Amp Camp Amp kit which has everything included.


  • All parts are purchased directly from reputable US distributors
  • Printed circuit boards  (Revision 1.6)
  • Transistors including Linear Systems's JFETs and IRC MOSFETs
  • Switches, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, everything is included except the PSU and chassis 
  • The same parts quality Nelson Pass uses in his own amplifiers


  • Keratherm® MOSFET insulators - very efficient and no grease required
  • M3 board mounting standoffs, w/ stainless steel bolts and washers 
  • Stainless steel mounting bolts and washers for MOSFETs
  • Gold plated speaker terminals and RCA Jacks
  • Power connector jack
  • Copper hookup wire in assorted colors
  • Cover plate for XLR hole (for advanced users, the XLR hole gives the possibility to create monoblocks with over 20 watts per channel)


Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Better than it deserves to be.

I am a single ended triode fan. I have a DIY pair of speakers consisting of an Altec 515b, Altec 755a and RAAL dipole ribbon tweeter. I tri-amp the speakers using three 45 SET amps, one of which I built myself. One of them is a Korneff if you know who that is. They all sound very much alike because they are all based on the same circuit. I bought the ACA out of curiosity, wondering what a single ended transistor amp sounded like. The short answer is very much like a SET, it must be the single ended Class-A part of amplification I like, not necessarily the fact that they are tubed.

The Korneff is considered one of the best 45 based amplifiers. The 45 tube is very special compared to other SET tubes, even the venerable 300b. It is also very low powered at 2 watts. I was having problems with my 755a midranges, thinking perhaps my 61 year old drivers were finally shot, I was hearing significant amounts of distortion. I thought the coils were rubbing. I called Great Plains Audio, a specialist in Altec speakers, and the tech told me how to test for rubbing. I used this amp for the test, and I found out my speakers were fine. I discovered the problem was that the 755a is a 4 ohm speaker. None of my amps have a 4 ohm tap, and the amp was freaking out at the low impedance. My solution was to put the ACA in the system along side the 45 SETs. It blends in beautifully, and my distortion problem is gone. My opinion of this amp is; if you can deal with the low power, it is one of the best amps you can buy (build), and for the money it is incredible.

This was not my first project, but I am no DIY expert. This was easy to build and the finished product looks like a production amp.

great sounding little amps

I built mono blocks & wasn't sure what to expect sound wise. they run pretty hot (class a), but every day the sound improves. I have been listening for 2 weeks now & will show them off tomorrow to another audiophile. they will never replace my big amps, but I am enjoying listening to them & even my wife is surprised how good they sound. I enjoyed building the kit & look forward to doing another diy project

Beautiful and pleasant sound

Used with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 and driven by NwAVguy's O2/ODAC, this setup fills my newly, acoustically-improved kitchen/utility room with quality sound that my old ears haven't heard for ages. Only downside is that now I can hear how badly most studio recordings are made. Good quality live recordings sounds incredible, and so do voices and percussion from good studio recordings. Sometimes I'm lead to believe that the artists are sitting in a corner of the room, or in the next room. I'm almost back to the times of my loved Micro Seiki/SME/Ortofon/improved NAD/Tannoy 15" setup.

Good as it Gets!

I have owned some expensive equipment. Krell KSP-7B, KSA-150 and a pair of Martin Logan Ascent i's. I have been downsizing for a while. A 95 pound amp was a bit much. As a 35 year FCC licensed electronic's tech the build was...well easy. I built a pair of the mono-block version, but the excellent instructions should make it easy for anyone. I wish tech manuals were written this well.
My Parasound P6 2.1 pre-amp finally arrived, so I hooked up the amps and set the pre-amp to drive my NHT Classic 3's at 80hz and above leaving the bass to the Sunfire Jr. How do they sound? Well I would describe them as silky smooth with all the detail air and space around the instruments as you could ask for. Everything just sounds right provided your source material is. Running a sub allows the volume to be more than needed even with relatively in-efficient speakers (NHT Classic 3's are 86db).
With minimal electronic skills you can build a pair of first class amps. An easy step into audiophile equipment at a remarkable price. Great stuff that you can't go wrong with. Absolutely recommended!


Great sound. I thought I'll just play with electronics. It landed as my secondary system.

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