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Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

Amp Camp Amp Parts Kit Only

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The Amp Camp Parts Kit includes everything you need to build the Amp Camp Amp except the recommended power supply and a chassis. You can also buy the complete Amp Camp Amp kit which has everything included.


  • All parts are purchased directly from reputable US distributors
  • Printed circuit boards  (Revision 1.6)
  • Transistors including Linear Systems's JFETs and IRC MOSFETs
  • Switches, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, everything is included except the PSU and chassis 
  • The same parts quality Nelson Pass uses in his own amplifiers


  • Keratherm® MOSFET insulators - very efficient and no grease required
  • M3 board mounting standoffs, w/ stainless steel bolts and washers 
  • Stainless steel mounting bolts and washers for MOSFETs
  • Gold plated speaker terminals and RCA Jacks
  • Power connector jack
  • Copper hookup wire in assorted colors
  • Cover plate for XLR hole (for advanced users, the XLR hole gives the possibility to create monoblocks with over 20 watts per channel)


Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Great kit, great sound

The instructions are excellent. The whole project too k me ~5 hours. I have recently tried this amp in stereo unit in my main system and am amazed how much bass it produces with so few watts. Looking forward to trying it out with more configurations and speakers and possibly getting another to run in monoblock mode.

Best amp i have ever had

The ACA is the best amp i have ever had

Easy to build, sounds great!

I've more than 30 years experience listening to Hi-End equipment, but I hardly found a solid state amplifier that's cheap enough and sound that good, the greatest part of this amplifier is simple, though the output just 5W (24V power supply, stereo), but it can drive my Totem Rainmaker (4 Ohm) with quality sound, and less than 10 hours after I finished the construction! I'm no good in circuit reading and complex wiring, but I'd manage to make this within one day and the bias adjust is easy! Highly recommend for anyone love quality sound!


Good parts selection. Amp worked fine from fist turn on.
Thank you for make the kit available.

My First Amp Build

Never having done one of these kits previously I wasn't sure what to expect. The designers of this kit obviously understand that novices may struggle with some parts of the build. The excellent build guide and the high quality of the parts go a long way towards rewarding the builder with a successful outcome. The diyaudio forum thread for this build was invaluable to me. But the best part is how this amp sounds. It far exceeded my expectations. It's really good.

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