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Korg Nutube B1

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August 26 Update: We are making available a limited number a "pioneer" batch of completion kits and also matching chassis. This batch of kits is intended to flush out any problems before we do a larger run, which will be organized as a pre-order.

Anyone is welcome to order a chassis. There should be plenty.

To be eligible to grab one of the completion kits previous electronics experience is not required. As the purpose of the exercise is to gather solid feedback from real builders we do kindly ask if you order a completion kit that you:

  • Have already purchased the PCB + JFETs kit (they're currently sold out) and have it ready to go
  • Either be in the US, or if international choose an express shipping method (in fact if you're international you'll only see express options if you have the completion kit in your cart (chassis are fine))
  • Be ready to start building immediately and give feedback within days
  • Be prepared to resolve any minor problems yourself

After ensuring things go smoothly for this first wave of builders (update: 2 weeks in, no major problems have been reported), we will make any adjustments required and then open a pre-order to everyone who is subscribed to the "Email Me When Available" full kit notification list

When will the production version of the kit be available?

If you have registered your interest by joining the mailing list we'll email you as soon as we start the pre-order. We'll start taking pre-orders as soon as we are confident with the feedback from this first batch group. October 1st would be a good estimate for the pre-order to start, October 15th for it to close, and November 30th for it to ship.

There are 4 different parts to this kit. Demand is difficult to predict, and a pre-order will ensure everyone gets exactly what they want and nobody misses out.

At Burning Amp Festival 2017 Nelson presented a pre-amp using the Korg Nutube dual triode. The latest revision of the circuit available is now available complete with Fairchild JFETs and all directly supplied by Nelson Pass. 

Please check the following links for more information:

There are 4 elements to building a complete preamplifier. Purchase the elements separately, or all together as a bundle for $299. To build a complete preamplifier you will need:

  1. Nutube ($49.99)
  2. PCB + JFETs ($25)
  3. Chassis ($129)
  4. Completion Kit ($99)

What's in the completion kit?

Everything you need to complete the project (see the photos).

What are the chassis specifications?

  • Galaxy 230x170 full aluminum chassis, anodized black with white printing
  • Internal dimensions 40x210x170mm
  • LED hole ø2mm
  • Left switch
    • Hole ø6.5mm
    • 15mm x 15mm square rear recess, 7mm deep
  • Right switch
    • Hole ø6.5mm
    • 15mm x 24mm rectangular rear recess (allows for switch and LED), 7mm deep
  • Potentiometer hole ø10mm, with ø32mm round recess in the front ø8mm deep
  • Rear RCA holes ø10mm
  • Rear power switch hole ø11mm

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