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B1K Essentials

Part of the Korg Nutube B1 Preamplifier project
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Complete Kit
$ 299.00 USD
$ 25.00 USD
Supplementary Kit
$ 99.00 USD
$ 25.00

What's included:

  • PCB (5.5" x 3.25", mounting holes 5.0" x 2.75")
  • 8 Fairchild JFETs and tweaking resistors (all direct from Nelson)

What's not included:

Please note:

  • The board is compatible with both DGS and DSG JFET pin orientation. Use the correct holes for the JFETs you are using as directed in the article "JQ1,Q2 is used for the Fairchild J113's and the KQ1,Q2 fits the 2SK170, 2SK370, and LSK170 Jfets."


Korg Nutube B1 Preamplifier Project

  • Preamplifier
  • Designed by Nelson Pass
  • Beginner Difficulty
  • Comprehensive Build Guide
  • Complete Kit Available
  • Jim Tiemann (Build Guide)
  • THUSS + FARRELL (Photography)

Visit the Korg Nutube B1 Preamplifier project page for more information about this project.

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B1K Essentials

$ 25.00 USD

Note - Photos include parts available at the time of publishing. Individual components are subject to change based on availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Greg P.
I keep buying more

it's just like that. When you find something and fall in love with it. DHT is not new to me, so this did not surprise me. But then after the first one, I built another. And another. Simple build, stunning sound. So this is the last one that I built, but not the last one to be built. This is a shot during the build. Used some very cool stuff like the stacked/mechanical volume control.

A truly musical gem

Built with dact attenuator , non stock components and duelund wire. Few amtrans resistors as well. Musical ,smooth and lifelike with the bonus to adjust It at your taste. Again a breathtaking circuit!

Dustin N.
Built 4 of them. All sounded great!

Fun and very easy kits to build i built 4 different revisions from basic to upgraded PSU with Clarity Caps. Definitely a difference in sound but all have sounded great. No issues with microphonics. I just use a type of sound deadening matt on the inside of the chassis and put some around the standoffs.

Fred F.
Super nice kit and pre amp

Super quality as always from the store. Great kit and very nice relaxed sounding with lot of laynack character. Highly recommended for those who want to try something different that traditional linestage amplification.

Such a nice kit and outstanding results!

I built it in a different box, with remote attenuator (Chinese motor operated ALPS potentiometer)
Being afraid of "too much of a good thing" and having a triode based phono stage, I equipped it with a bypass, so I can run the signal straight or through the Korg, the picture shows the look at the test phase.

As far as I can tell until now, the Korg makes the music sound better to me, but I can switch between streight signal pass and through the amplification.

Once again, would like to thank the designer Mr. Pass and the kit supplier, a wonderful preamplifier! Not to forget the F6 which we at home enjoy on every day basis

Jaap B.
Great preamp

Adjustable harmonics are great. Combined with diy Purifi amp.