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Burning Amplifier Gain Stage for BA-3

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Burning Amplifier 3 Gain Stage Board (BAGS-N). One board works for 2 channels.

The BA-3 gain stage is the latest feedback-less "front end" for the Burning Amp series of Class A Mosfet follower output stages.


Please visit the Burning Amplifier Helpdesk Thread for any questions you might have and for a definitive list of links to all articles and discussions about the Burning Amps.

Additional Information



Dimensions 140mm x 70mm
Mounting holes Holes are on a 10mm x 10mm grid
Number of boards included 1
Layers 2
Board Revision 2.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Board well manufacture with easy to follow guides. Only problem I had was my heatsink made getting to resistors difficult when setting the bias. The bias can slide good 15% as it heats up so listen to the guides when they say to set after the lid on the case has been on for awhile and to start with lower setting than final when first use.

I first listened to it with an old DVD as a source with suspension speakers and I was so disappointed. It was dull and liveless. I nearly stopped working on it. I then plugged it to my TV output and I heard much better sound. I then tried it with my usual source and a 39 year old Pass designed Threshold Amp pushing some electrostatic speakers. I was sitting with my jaw open listening. The rest of the night digging out music. Just when I was done my wife came in and started pulling out her music. It was wonderful and far better than an homemade preamp and 4 decade old amp have any right to sound like. I really can't find anything bad to say about it's sound. If it doesn't sound good in your system you need better other stuff!

Very nicely engineered!

For the price the boards are OK. I have purchased several different ones and have never had any problems at all and the shipping was good on all.I wouldn't be afraid to buy from them again like Iam today.

very nice parts!

I`ve got my parts from DIY-AUDIO-SHOP super fast (USA-GERMANY!).
Very good matched J-Fets (my BA-3-Preamp is running again - so nicely).
New PCB for BA-3 as spare part or to change it from single-ended to
I am happy! Go on with your perfect service!
Merry Christmas!
Dirk H.

All good!

All good and fast.

excellent quick quality service

Boards are received in save package in short time.
Quality looks very good.

Regards from Germany.

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