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Burning Amplifier Complementary Bias and Output Set for the BA-2 & BA-3

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Two P-BACO-2V20 output boards and two P-BACB-2V20 bias boards. The bias boards are only available in this set. Populate this set with your components and the P-BAGS-1V20 gain stage, then add your own power supply, chassis and heat sinks to complete the BA-2 amplifier in the 3 output pair per channel configuration recommended by Nelson Pass.  If you want more output devices please order another complete set as they are not sold separately.

Please visit the Burning Amplifier Helpdesk Thread for any questions you might have and for a definitive list of links to all articles and discussions about the Burning Amps.

Additional Information

Dimensions 50mm x 50mm
Mounting holes UMS Heatsink Compatible
Number of boards included 4
Layers 2
Board Revision 2.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Superb sounding amp

I've built it with 32V rail and 0.47ohm source resistors this does produce a lot of heat. Make sure you use big heat sinks with this combo. This amp sounds really good with ACP+ or Wayne's 2018 Linestage, clean, detailed and musical. It has no issue driving a pair of Boland Accoustic BTX180 made by Peter Boland of NZ. These are 4 ohm demanding speakers but the amp drives them effortlessly.

Adam M.

The BA-3 boards are excellent quality. diyaudiostore does a great job with all their boards. As for the BA-3 itself, do not hesitate to build this amp. Do it now, you will not regret it. There is something really really special about this one.

Burning Amplifier Complementary Bias and Output Set for the BA-2 & BA-3

Yes this PCB set I have been waiting for a while, obviously many who will build this, my plan now when I finally got one copy is to build it during the winter, some important components are now collected so it comes . Must be allowed to thank the DIY Audio Store for giving us DIYers this opportunity to trade finished PCBs for N.Pass constructions.

Ian G.
Burning amp pcbs

Very high quality pcbs as I have come to expect over the years, would most defiantly buy again.

Don't know yet

Schematics printed incorrectly in guide which lead me to wire incorrectly and I toasted my output chips. It was easier to order new boards than try to desolder. I have been stuck for a couple of months waiting on my new set of matched output transistors. So started in August and now November and I can't give useful review. Just reminding folks the schematic has all chips 240 but really mix of N and P with half ending in 9240 and half 240. It is printed on board correctly. I am embarrassed I missed give push pull and not single ended. The boards are beautifully made. The mouting holes matched up perfectly and installing on Deluxe case went flawlessly. Might suggest leaving one of the 3 watt output resistors high enough to get some alligator clips to simplify the process of setting bias.

Dirk H.
Beautiful Amplifier

I`ve built an BA-3 Amplifier with the BA-3 Frontend and the Complementary
Bias and Output Set.
The sound is super clear and detailed. But not too `cool` and `over-analytic`.
A very good brother / sister to my F5-T.
The boards are very good quality. Super fast delivery. The `baby`was easy to adjust.
Sorry! No more words - I have to listen to some music :-)
With full respect: Thanks `Papa Nelson`
Dirk Hörrmann, Germany