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Burning Amplifier Gain Stage for BA-1 & BA-2

Burning Amplifier Gain Stage for BA-1 & BA-2

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Burning Amplifier Gain Stage Board (BAGS) which handles voltage gain for two channels when you populate it with your components. This board is required for both the single-ended BA-1 amp and the complementary BA-2 amp. 

BAGS is the Burning Amplifier Gain Stage board. Being the Front-End, this is where all the signal voltage gain of a Burning Amp comes from. It's main purpose is to provide adequate gain to drive the suceeding output stage of a Burning Amp assembly.

For use as a Burning Amp, it requires bias boards and output stage.  However it can also be used standalone as a pre-amplifier.

Please visit the Burning Amplifier Helpdesk Thread for any questions you might have and for a definitive list of links to all articles and discussions about the Burning Amps.


Dimensions 140mm x 70mm
Mounting holes No
Number of boards included 1
Layers 2
Board Revision 2.0

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