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B1 with Korg Triode Kits are for sale or pre-order

November 03, 2021

We have a limited number of black and silver faceplate B1K full kits available for immediate shipping. More black faceplate kits will be available sporadically throughout the rest of the year with stock arriving in small batches.  Both black and silver faceplate kits are available for longer-term...

WHAMMY kits are now available (pre-order)

October 29, 2021

After one of the longest gestation periods in diyAudio's history, the WHAMMY all-in-one kit is now available for pre-purchase. Everything ships from the US. Chassis are are available to ship immediately. The parts kits are waiting on a final touch to be added, and we can guarantee they will ship ...

Mark Johnson's DIY Sony VFET front ends now available

October 27, 2021

We now have a limited stock of complete parts kits for all four of Mark Johnson's VFET front ends. These are compatible with both N and P channel variations, and are also capable of driving other amps that are planned to be released in the future by Mark and Nelson. Have a gander at Scourge, Bulw...